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    I have 2 pages in my Sharepoint site, one has  8 and the other has 15 QuickApps Web Parts.

    The page with 15 Web Parts doesn’t allow me to open ezEdit. I click and nothing happens.

    Stack trace:
    Uncaught ReferenceError: handleCommand is not defined
    at QuestRibbon.PageComponent.handleCommand (pagecomponent.js:76)
    at CUI.Page.CommandDispatcher.callCommandHandler (cui.js:1)
    at CUI.Page.CommandDispatcher.$BM_0 (cui.js:1)
    at CUI.Page.CommandDispatcher.executeCommand (cui.js:1)
    at SP.Ribbon.PageManager.executeRootCommand (cui.js:1)
    at SP.Ribbon.PageManager.executeRootCommand (sp.ribbon.js:2)
    at CUI.Ribbon.$BL_1 (cui.js:1)
    at CUI.Ribbon.$2j_0 (cui.js:1)
    at CUI.Ribbon.$2j_0 (cui.js:1)
    at CUI.Ribbon.$9c_0 (cui.js:1)

    Can’t really find anything about what Quest Ribbon exactly is.

    NB: I do not have server access.

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    Deepak Tyagi

    Hi Larus,

    This may be due to some js file is removed from your server. You can log a support ticket through the website to trubleshoot.

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    If the js file is removed from the server how come it is loaded in one page but not another page for the same site?

    Do you have a file name I can check if it exists?

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    Rachit Vyas

    If possible, please share the web parts list on both pages. There may be some script editor web part exists or any other web part or script blocking the behavior.




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    I found it, it is a QuickApps bug. You are not escaping ‘ characters inserted into all parameters. So the generated js file included this:
    <div>else if (commandId ===  Ribbon.Quest.Actions.WebPartWPQ2.CustomActionRibbonGroup.Go to CAPA\u0027s’)</div>
    <div>    _spFormOnSubmitCalled=false;</div>
    <div>    __doPostBack(‘ctl00$ctl33$g_965cd9e0_5b9a_4729_8ca1_f1c3b5d32e24’, ‘CustomActionGo to CAPA\’s’);</div>
    <div>    SP.UI.Notify.addNotification(‘Process action: Go to CAPA’s’);;</div>
    <div>You are welcome to reach out to me for further information.</div>

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    <div>else if (commandId === ‘Ribbon.Quest.Actions.WebPartWPQ2.CustomActionRibbonGroup.Go to CAPA\u0027s’)</div>
    <div>__doPostBack(‘ctl00$ctl33$g_965cd9e0_5b9a_4729_8ca1_f1c3b5d32e24’, ‘CustomActionGo to CAPA\’s’);</div>
    <div>SP.UI.Notify.addNotification(‘Process action: Go to CAPA’s’);;</div>

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    The irony is deafening 😀 Good luck on the fix.

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