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    Jason B

    The documentation for qExcelViewer mention the ability to create a custom display:

    <div class=”H5_Heading5″>Display Fields</div>
    <div class=”BO_Body”>This property defines the fields that should be displayed in the Excel spreadsheet.</div>
    <div class=”BO_Body”>This property is optional if the properties in the Custom Display section are specified. In that case, the default display for the search results is turned off and the custom display is used. You can also combine a custom display with the Display Fields; for example, if you want to display the data in the grid and to provide the summary of the data or disclaimer using the custom display.</div>

    I can’t find where in the qExcelViewer configuration this exists.  I need to have two blank rows inserted in the spreadsheet before any of the exported results.  Where can I find the custom display for qExcelViewer?

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    Deepak Tyagi

    Hi Jason,
    We would like to inform you that this is not a feature of qExcelViewer webpart, it’s a feature of qListView webpart, we will update the help file accordingly

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