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    Jason B

    I’m attempting to create a tool that allows export of data from an InfoPath form on SharePoint 2010 to Excel.  The reason for this is that customers request data changes (for our SAP system) using the form, but our internal change control system (not SharePoint) requires data to be uploaded in Excel.  The change manager needs to review the InfoPath request, change/add details and then export certain fields to Excel.

    After publishing the InfoPath form to SharePoint, I edited the “EditForm.aspx” page where the InfoPath form web part resides.  I added a qListView web part under the InfoPath web part.  Using “send data to”  I connected the item ID from the InfoPath web part to the qListView web part to display only the list data for the ID being edited.  My goal was to use the export button to export that data displayed in the qListView to Excel.

    This setup works as expected when the edit form is displayed in full page mode.  When I attempt to use dialogs to display this same setup, the filtered qListView is displayed in the dialog, but the InfoPath web part is not.

    Any thoughts on why the qListView seems to be suppressing the display of the InfoPath webpart in dialogs?

    QuickApps 6.7

    SharePoint 2010

    InfoPath 2010

    Excel 2010

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    Deepak Tyagi

    Hi Jason,

    We have not faced such type of issue in the past. Can you check if the InfoPath webpart is working in dialog without qListView web part?



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    Jason B

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Yes, InfoPath works correctly in the dialog without the qListView webpart.  I can also get InfoPath and the standard SharePoint list webpart to display together in the dialog.  I just can’t get qListView and InfoPath to display together in the dialog.</p>

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    Jason B

    I may have found a potential work around.  It seems that if I add the qListView web part and hide it, the InfoPath form displays correctly in the dialog.  I set the connection to pass the ID from the form to the hidden qListView.  I then created another web part page and added a qExcelViewer configured for the hidden qListView.  Lastly, I created a hyperlink inside my InfoPath form to point to the qExcelViewer webpage.  This appears to work with the exception that Excel is displaying an error message that the file format is not the same as the file extension.

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