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    Corey Shoup
    Corey Shoup

    For the Display View field in qListView Primary Content, how do you implement the views? The help files tell how to create views, then select a view in the Display Fields, the select fields for that display. But how do you use those views? Are there any examples of using display views available?

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    Deepak Tyagi
    Deepak Tyagi

    Hi Corey,
    Thank you for posting the query.
    Currently examples of using display views is Not available However You can configure the Display View as:
    1. Open ezEdit.
    2. Configure a List.
    3. Go to Display view screen.
    4. Click on Add View Button.
    5. Enter View Name.
    6. Now Go to display Field screen and select your view name from view dropdown.
    7. Select fields for desired views.
    8. Save configuration.
    9. On qListView rendering, at the top right side toolbar, select view dropdown will display If display fields are configured for multiple views.
    10. Now select your view name from dropdown.


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