INTERNAL – Is it possible to drill down chart using <%expression%> expression?


INTERNAL – Is it possible to drill down chart using <%expression%> expression?


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Drill down feature of qChartView web part to launch another chart, which contained the break down for the bar selected in the parent chart. Is that possible to breakdown using <%expression%> expression?


This is not possible andit is Product behavior, Chart title will not take the <%expression%> expression
Suggestion here which to use the Microsoft Form Web Part (this web part is located under Miscellaneous section in the web part gallery). Some simple javascript can be use to display the title result. Here is the steps to do this and a sample javascript that might work. Depending on the situation andmake some adjustment to the script.

1. Drop the Form Web Part above the chart.
2. Click Web Part Menu > Modify Shared Web Part
3. Click the Source Editor button in the property panel
4. Remove the javascript that is currently in the editor and replace it with the following:

<script language=javascript>
function CreateChartTitle()
var idx = location.href.indexOf(expression=);
var idxAmpersand = location.href.indexOf(&amp;, idx);
varexpression = ;
if (idxAmpersand == -1)
expression = location.href.substring(idx+9);
expression = location.href.substring(idx+9, idxAmpersand);
document.write(Breakdown of number of initiatives by quarter for + expression);


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