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Unleash the Full Potential of SharePoint with QuickApps Online — at Minimum Cost

Industry trends show a paradigm shift of platform for SharePoint users from On-Premise to the Cloud. It’s a new wave of the future, making organizations more efficient by – saving them the need of managing infrastructure, reducing the incurred cost & time, and allowing accessibility to SharePoint users from anywhere.

Supporting this technological innovation, AgreeYa has introduced QuickApps on Cloud platform, making it accessible to the SharePoint users across the geographies. QuickApps replaces custom coding with point-and-click-configuration for SharePoint customization, making the whole process of customization and development 80% faster, while bringing relief to long and dreary hours spent at work., which adds enhancements to the standard features of the software.


  • Access it from Anywhere: QuickApps Online is accessible to a vaster audience, which cuts across the globe. Anyone from anywhere can reach out for its solution.
  • User Based Model: It is user based model, which serves customized needs of the user.
  • Easy to Procure License: QuickApps Online can be purchased from Office store, and is easy to procure. Alternatively, we also offer enterprise license to enable its use.
  • Eliminates the Need of Managing Infrastructure: There is no need of Managing Infrastructure in QuickApps Online.
  • Reduces the Incurred Cost & Time: As the process becomes simpler, it results in reduced cost and time investment.

Engineered by Dell, AgreeYa’s QuickApps for SharePoint is a set of 21 web parts, which can be used in On-Premise, which simplify the SharePoint development process. This software enables the users to build applications that are easily supported, maintained, and upgraded, besides ensuring long-term impact and ROI.


qListView enables the user to view, group, and filter the SharePoint data in relevant and meaningful ways, without writing a single line of code. You can roll up information from multiple SharePoint lists of same or different sites and site collections. Its features include:
  • Customize the look and feel by using pre-packaged skins
  • Export the aggregated list data in Microsoft Excel format
  • Configure parent-child relationships in a two-level hierarchical list view
  • Use Filter Panel and Sort Expressions to view list data in meaningful ways
  • Allows unlimited grouping
  • Point and click roll up of data in multiple lists

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Easily create visually compelling SharePoint charts and dashboards that include dynamic filtering, reporting and a rich user experience. Given that there is no native chart web part in SharePoint 2013, 2016, Office 365, QuickApps charting solutions are ideal for BI and dashboard scenarios. Its features include:
  • Chart data from across multiple SharePoint lists of different sites, and site collections
  • Customize chart elements such as fonts, labels, backgrounds, canvas, logos, tooltips and much more to create a rich user experience
  • 30 plus chart types to satisfy a wide range of visual, BI and dashboard requirements

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It combines all the calendars into one view, including data from non-calendar lists. Its differentiating features include:
  • Roll up multiple calendars across different sites into a single view
  • Configure event color coding based on SharePoint list name
  • Enables users to drag and drop an event to another time slot in the calendar, and change the end time of an event by dragging the bottom of the event up or down
  • Enables users to delete an event or an instance of a recurring event by simply clicking the red “X” icon on the selected event

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