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4 Ways Customized-Web Apps for SharePoint Will Transform Work

4 Ways Customized-Web Apps for SharePoint Will Transform Work

SharePoint is the most robust tool available in the market today. However, it too needs a support system to run smoothly, given all the complications attached to it. One of its harrowing complications relates to coding, which at times leads to scenarios where you build entirely different results, than what you have been trying. Besides, SharePoint development requires coding, which further poses challenges such as excessive resource investment, rounds of re-work, prolonged project deliveries, and extra cost.

To overcome limitations of SharePoint Out-of-box functionalities, Microsoft offers the option of writing custom code solutions. Custom Code Solutions further poses challenges such as excessive resource investment, rounds of re-work, prolonged project deliveries, and extra cost.

AgreeYa’s QuickApps comes handy as you address these challenges. QuickApps is a set of pre-built templates that even a non-SharePoint-expert resource can use to build applications and web pages or perform customization. It removes the compulsion of going through a tedious coding process, usually needed to achieve something on SharePoint, as these pre-built templates let you drag and drop to build what you want.

Here are top 4 ways QuickApps web apps for SharePoint can change your life as an IT Support Staff:

Achieve Fast Customization – Web apps allow the user to perform point-and-click configuration instead of custom code. This speeds up the whole customization process by 80%, as there is no need to go through extensive coding and re-work the problem area. This can be dealt with a quick-fix of a SharePoint web app deletion and addition.

Empower More Users with SharePoint Capabilities – Web apps empower non-technical users with SharePoint capabilities, developing a team of independent staff, who don’t need to rush to IT for every small piece of customization work. While this work empowerment makes life easy for users, it also saves the time of expensive resources who have to spend time in this work, which does not add any real value to the business.

Deliver Projects Faster – With ready-made templates making it easy to build and deliver help desk, project management and CRM applications on the spot, there are faster than ever project deliveries than ever. With SharePoint web apps making it possible for non-technical staff to build solutions, these make work easier and faster for the knowers of this technology, leaving little or no scope for re-work or corrections. Besides, these are easy to support, maintain, and extend.

SharePoint Adoption that Brings Higher Satisfaction – You have made a good investment in SharePoint, now is the time on maximize on your investment by controlling the budget and encouraging its adoption across the teams. Web Apps make SharePoint possible for everyone in an organization that leads to its enthusiastic acceptance. A team of web app empowered resources make it possible for the project owners to complete a certain SharePoint related task on their own, and release it from their desk. While this keeps the project owner happy, as now there is no back and forth with the IT team, it also means cost containment for the business overall.

AgreeYa’s QuickApps is a collection of 21 web apps that bring different tasks to accomplishment. Users can take a free trial of these web apps and explore how this can mean business transformation for them.

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