6 Reasons to Use SharePoint as an Intranet Platform

6 Reasons to Use SharePoint as an Intranet Platform

6 Reasons to Use SharePoint as an Intranet Platform

Irrespective of how big or small an organization is, organizations need collaboration technology to keep its employees connected, across the geographies. Whether the employees work from on-site, off-site, or from home, it is an unavoidable call to ensure that there is a seamless flow of information, keeping everyone updated on the progress.

Microsoft has addressed this challenge the best, by offering us SharePoint as an ineasytranet solution provider for collaboration and content management. While there are several other options in the industry, SharePoint continues to win the game with its high-end sophistication which gives it the potential of being the single infrastructure and a central web-portal.

Sometime back, there was a storm of dissatisfaction blowing against SharePoint, which was majorly led by the complexities that it brings along with. For instance, the challenge of coding that demands a constant r-work. But today there is the easy way out, with – QuickApps in the market. QuickApps is an ensemble of web apps which remove the primary need of coding from the whole process of customizing and developing a business application. As QuickApps has now cleared the air around SharePoint, these points, SharePoint continues to win hearts as an intranet solution:

Can be Used for Designing

SharePoint helps in cost-saving in many ways and designing is one of them. SharePoint can be designed to meet the branding requirements of an organization. It is easy to make customization and results don’t look like they were developed on SharePoint. SharePoint has a feature – Design Manager, which lets you build pixel-perfect, customized designs of websites that are in line with your organizational message/goals.

Intelligent Search Engine

There is a consistent need for data discovery; SharePoint provides it all. Data is often all over the place and needs to be organized, to make sense of it, which is easiest with SharePoint. It lets the users discover people and content scattered all over, in a personalized way.

Quick Content Addition

Since SharePoint is for collaboration, it allows quick and swift content addition, editing, and proofreading too. Users get to create content categories, to upload different types in different sections. These columns are also re-usable.

Sharing Made Easy

SharePoint has revolutionized the way people share content today. It has made it easy to just attach a document and share it with people. It is also a secure way of sharing confidential documents. SharePoint also lets you regulate external sharing with vendors, customers and clients, with the provisions available on SharePoint.

Automated Work On SharePoint

SharePoint offers document management, which can also be streamlined for automation. SharePoint allows the user to set dates to expiry for documents which reduces the time to half of what it usually takes. SharePoint’s workflow automation also cuts down the hassle of remembering the chain of events, as it can be followed through the automated process.

SharePoint Has Perhaps Maximum Support Tools

SharePoint allows so many functions that it has led to a user complexity. Still, SharePoint remains unreplaceable as an intranet solution, with the number of issues it has the power to address, in – helping you build an intranet solution that your users will go gaga about, technology experts who have developed support tools that fix the SharePoint complexities acting as roadblocks. Users today are empowered to build perfect and quick solutions with tools such as AgreeYa’s QuickApps, which is an answer to your business application building vows.

SharePoint is the best solution you will ever have for intranet, as it lets you build anything to your heart’s desires. This is also why technology companies are so widely and wildly coming up with solutions that drive its adoption while helping them get more jobs done.

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