5 Unknown Facts Related to SharePoint

5 Unknown Facts Related to SharePoint

SharePoint is not a new technology, yet every adoption by an organization remains a challenge, with employees resisting its usage. While the biggest problem is to cope up with its frequent updates, there is more to these challenges, which related to – hard-to-break old habits, fear of new technology, lack of powerful SharePoint strategy, and poor communication.

All these SharePoint related challenges are rooted deep into one reason— lack of SharePoint related knowledge. This continues to be a threat to every SharePoint adoption, as organizations still struggle to understand it and identify its purpose entirely. Here are five unknown facts related to SharePoint, which will help you understand this platform better and make SharePoint adoption successful in the workplace:

Fact #1: SharePoint isn’t a Magical Thing

SharePoint is supposed to make work easy. That’s why it is adopted widely. But every adoption is followed by the same feedback: it doesn’t work as it is supposed to work. However, this doesn’t imply that it is a waste of effort or investment. It still holds tremendous value and remains un-replaceable, given its powers and capabilities. You need to tap its hidden potentials through an inescapable process of acquiring complete knowledge, staff training, constant work, re-work, and in-depth understanding of this tool. You need expertise and time investment to get through this platform.

Tip from the expert: don’t resist the SharePoint upgrades as these are making the whole work process easy on this platform.

Fact #2: You Will Face the Angst of Anti-SharePoint Staff

This isn’t their mistake specifically. SharePoint is complicated, and most of the organizations fail to provide proper training to their staff; consequently, their SharePoint ambitions fall apart. Besides, not everyone in the team will be well versed in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, which is needed to work on SharePoint, and most organizations fail to provide a solution to this. Lastly, it is essential to hammer in the strengths and potential of SharePoint in a user, to make the staff see value in its adoption.

Tip from the expert: SharePoint resistance can only be dealt with a little training and strong support to this technology. Tools such as QuickApps: eliminate the need for coding from the process, by letting you work through Templates that are reusable and easily manageable and let you build custom solutions.

Fact #3: SharePoint on Cloud

SharePoint is available on Cloud and not restricted to on-premise anymore. It gives an expansion to its usage, allowing people to work on it from anywhere in the world. If you want to make most of your SharePoint investment, empowering your employees to deliver work from anywhere is the best of achieving it.

Tip from the Experts: SharePoint support tools are not just for on-premise, these can also be upgraded to on cloud version.

Fact #4: SharePoint is Another Name for Re-Work

Given the complex nature of SharePoint and the constant updates that it goes through, there will be an endless need of re-work on SharePoint. Besides, it time and again seeks adjustments, revisions, which should be done to keep it productive.

Tip from Experts: Rework your SharePoint configurations and adapt to the changes that it introduces for good.

Fact #5: Only Road to SharePoint Success Goes Through Defining Goals:

SharePoint isn’t just a good to have tool. It is adopted with a purpose, and it is critical to define goals and allot responsibilities and convey the purpose point blankly, to achieve it. Without going through this grind, any aim remains unachievable with barely any value addition to business. Success on SharePoint is measurable.

Tip from the Experts: Implementing SharePoint and expecting that the employees will figure out what to do with it, shall never work. Identify what you aim to achieve through it, communicate it to the members and support your team with essential training.

Most of the people have a love and hate relationship with SharePoint, where they struggle with it, yet unable to give it up entirely. SharePoint can’t be forsaken due to the extreme capabilities that it offers. Best thing is to understand this platform and make work easy on it.