Common SharePoint Customization Lapses to Avoid

Common SharePoint Customization Lapses to Avoid

SharePoint never ceases to surprise its users, for good or evil. While it is the favorite plaything for its experts, SharePoint related obstacles tend to frustrate its users by prolonging deliveries, which has made it a dreary thing. Every customization is as painful for an IT expert, as it is for the project owner who has a dependency on the expert and has to wait for long to get a small customization done.

However, instead of avoiding the use of this extremely powerful tool, users need to focus on avoiding situation that can lead to mishaps. Here are the top SharePoint customization lapses which can save a user from blunder, making the whole process of SharePoint customization easy:

Perils of Editing:

We all know that Master Pages are editable. You can change the entire look and feel of a page by editing these master pages. While this sounds fascinating, it can also spell death for your SharePoint environment. Editing Master Pages needs excessive attention, with even a minor error resulting debacle of the whole SharePoint environment. Secondly, it is impossible to spot the point where you went wrong while coding, which makes the whole work even more annoying. Lastly, there are situations where Microsoft also launches updates, arresting the Master Page functionality. So take ahead the work of Master Page editing slow, to achieve best results.

Ignoring the Value that Pre-Built Templates and Apps Can Bring:

When the idea of pre-built templates (a form of SharePoint customization software) showed on the horizon, Microsoft supported the idea and it was adopted by many. Those who embraced this concept at that time were able to derive big profits, staying ahead in the competition. Those who haven’t explored the concept of pre-built templates (known as web apps or web parts) yet, this is the time to do it. What makes this idea unique is the fact that these pre-built templates empower even the non-technical staff to build solutions, bringing an end to their helpless dependencies on the IT team. Through these pre-built templates or SharePoint customization software, site owners and project managers can customize a web application to create what they need. Using web parts is a good idea to get the desired results fast, without chasing the experts. Re-invent the wheel, explore the web apps to find the real extent of possibilities with SharePoint.

SharePoint is among the most loved and yet most difficult to get through playthings for technical experts across the world. To deal with all the SharePoint development related problems, you can introduce web apps or building blocks to your organization, empowering people with easier methods of creating or customizing SharePoint to derive the results that they need.