SharePoint Capabilities that Will Remodel Your Business

SharePoint Capabilities that Will Remodel Your Business

Microsoft knows the power that SharePoint has over work processes. That’s why they keep updating it with enhancements that keep strengthening efficiency at work. But all these enhancements need to be understood, if they have to be implemented. Microsoft has rolled out its cloud integration, and organizations have widely embraced it. But do you really understand the power they behold?

We have collected some of its features for a discussion at length, to help you understand the extent of its power:

SharePoint Sites With On Cloud Groups:

This feature brings groups together on a workspace, to collaborate for work. This new SharePoint feature allows people to leverage Office 365 to seamlessly collaborate with an easy access to files, folders, calendars, schedule sync and conversations within their cloud system. This is a new power-system for the organizations, who are empowered with fresh capabilities.

Support Apps for SharePoint Developmentand Customizations:

Microsoft sometime back released an announcement, where it encouraged people to use web apps (or add-ins) to build SharePoint solutions.
You no more need the tedious coding process to build answers that address challenges faced by your organization.

Microsoft released PowerApps, (also you will find more such products in the market such as QuickApps) which can reduce the time and effort gone in the whole function by 80%, propagating SharePoint adoption among the team members. With so many people working together on SharePoint, everyone can create their own SharePoint solution, without queuing after the IT Department.

SharePoint Workflows:

SharePoint workflows is something that people have been demanding, and Microsoft came in with the advanced features. Microsoft has made it easier than ever for businesses to build advanced workflows for an interaction with Salesforce, Twitter, Dynamics and other services. While it is easy for businesses now to build their own automations, it is also a possibility to make changes in them.

Chance to Understand Your SharePoint Environment: SharePoint has given access to several reports to its users, which helps people understand what goes inside its environment. SharePoint is a vast system. It takes patience and deliverance to tame it. Streamlining its processes isn’t that difficult now, with the immensely descriptive reports that it releases. Top SharePoint reports that help its users are:

  •  Site Collection Hierarchy
    Multiple Subsites can lead to chaos in SharePoint environment, making it difficult to navigate through them. More the number, more difficult it is to browse through them. This report helps a user to find a Site Collection hierarchy.
  •  Discovering Trash Sites
    Users many times create sites that are never used in reality. Such unused trashy sites pile up, choking the SharePoint environment. It is crucial to spot such sites, to de-clutter the whole environment. The ‘Unused Sites’ Report helps you find such reports and delete them.
  •  Site Collections Inventory
    A Site Collections Inventory Report helps to maintain an inventory of the entire farm. It will bring all the information needed to keep the environment under control, and achieve your governance plan.
  • Site Permission Management
    Permission management is one of the most critical steps. But how do you find which website needs permission management? You can search and manage that with this report that brings you to the reports which need governance of explicit permission management.

These SharePoint capabilities are the power to re-model your entire SharePoint environment under a strict hand. Explore what you have already explore, and what you will need to fix the running system.