RE: 'qListForm' webpart unable to apply 'Or' Query for common Fields

RE: 'qListForm' webpart unable to apply 'Or' Query for common Fields


Hi ,

It would be difficult for us to share the stp teamplated. Trying to explain the problem case.

Please find the required details as below

1. SharePoint 2010

2. Quest Web parts- QuickApps for SharePoint – qListForm webpart

Create two custom sharepoint lists as below-

a. Create a Master List named DocumentType with four  values – Discussion, Actions Items, Reference, & Meeting

b. Create another custom List and name it as TeamDocuments with 10 custom fields and a look up.

Make the DocumentType list column value for the above data as Look up in TeamDocument.

On selection of different values from document type look up the entry form should display different entry fields on Team documents.

Using qlistForm we are unable to populate the common fields present in selections.

Attached is the screen snap for your reference