RE: Quest impact on event firing sequence

RE: Quest impact on event firing sequence

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Thanks for your patience on this, – I am glad we found a way to get the files sent. Unfortunately, our standard is Visual Studio 2008; it is not allowing me to open your project, saying it was built with a later version.

One additional point to make regarding the original question:

The event firing concerns actually did not originate in the context of Nintex or WWF at all, but in terms of custom .NET event handler code. We have very isolated cases where the event handler code never gets fired at all. It is a big problem, because the event handler code is what applies the item level permissions to the items, and so with the code not firing, sensitive HR data is left exposed.

But we have also see cases where Nintex workflows did not fire either, that should fire on change.

The common thread in these cases is Quest. We know that there were some corrections made to event firing scheme in some versions of QWP sometime between 5.2 and 5.5 – specifically 5.4.1 I believe. Given that such changes are being made, we suspected that perhaps the earlier versions had some bugs that had to be addressed. We are hoping that in addition to the other bugs that were corrected, there may have been some DisableEventFiring bugs that were also fixed, but since the problems are so sporadic, proving that with our sandbox 5.5 installation is a crap shoot.

Upon reading this, you will no doubt be interested in me elaborating on the event firing fixes in 5.4.1, but I would need to defer to my co-workers for that. I will send them a link to this thread in case they want to chime in (hopefully so).


– Jim