RE: Web Part to display a list across columns

RE: Web Part to display a list across columns

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Thank you for this great lead.  This is a good start, but not quite meeting my needs.

The method you suggested yields these results:

·        I had to Hide the OOB Web Part or 2 web parts would be displaying.

·        Above the table that is generated, the qListView web part is displayed.  Marking the Chrome State as Minimized, or setting the Layout’s Hidden property prevents viewing of the entire resulting web page.

·        With the Quest Web Part displaying, the resulting page loads both the original vertical list items, as well as the generated table beneath it.  But after configuring the QWP with no display fields, I got just the table I was looking for.

·        I had to slightly modify the IF logic comparing to the max number of columns – if you specify < 6, it’ll stop at 5, so I just changed it to <=.

·        The table generated is simply a table.  I am also looking to maintain the linkage between the item and its source, in order to view or edit the item from the table (instead of from the vertical list).  I figure I can probably extract the item’s URL somehow and embed that as a href anchor/tag around the table entry; I just don’t know where I can get that URL value.

·        The table values are sized such that the columns are as wide as the widest value in the column.  For those table entries that are the widest, they abut the value to its right.  Is there a way to add some resizable, minimum padding?

·        The table head/title (yours is listed as “Web Part”) is in the 2nd column.  Is there a way to center across the page, or left justify it?

·        Is there a way sort the list results (such as alphabetically) before splitting into the table?  Will be much easier to find the items in the table then.

Thanks again for your assistance!