Calendar qEditForm to make reoccurring event unique

Calendar qEditForm to make reoccurring event unique

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      Adam Gray
      Adam Gray


      Ver6.3, qCalendar, qEditForm,

      I want to make a reoccurring event unique.  So far I’m selecting the recurring button on the side of the event, which asks the question “Edit only this occurrence”  “OK” takes me to an EditForm.aspx if I press “Save” on the native SharePoint Form it will return me to the Calendar making the instance unique.

      If I add a qEditForm to the EditForm.aspx  and press the “Save and Close” button, it returns the error “The following error occurred: Value does not fall within the expected range.  I have found a bug with the “Free/Busy” display field, so that is not enabled.  However all the other fields are behaving as expected, especially the date fields are as expected.

      I’m cognitive that the SharePoint must somehow disable the existing event disabling it from the reoccurrence list and replace it with the new event.  I would not expect the qEditForm to have this code in place by default.  Is this the case or is there a workaround or a fix for this. (upgrading to 6.4 soon)







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      Deepak Tyagi
      Deepak Tyagi

      Hi Adam,

      I have replicated your issue on our end and not getting error in latest version.

      Please upgrade Your QuickApps Version. In case you need any further help or want to discuss the same further please feel free to log a case with our support team of QuickApp through website only.

      PS: You can try to use qCalenderView instead of qListform as a workaround process share your findings with us.


      Thanks and Regards,


      AgreeYa Support Group

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