Can one qListForm update multiple rows?

Can one qListForm update multiple rows?

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      Wendy Snyder


      Is there a way to have the one qListForm update multiple rows?

      We are using SharePoint 2010 and QuickApps 6.5.

      I have a qListView displaying all lines in a list. I would like to be able to select multiple lines (either by highlighting or using MultiRowSelector), link to a qListForm, enter data, and have the updates made to all rows selected.

      Currently I have a Custom Action (Action Type GoToURL) defined to link to the qListForm. It updates the first item selected only, which makes sense.  Is it possible for all rows selected to be updated?

      The only thing I know of that multiple line selection works on is deletes. Is this the only situation in which this functionality can be used?

      Thank you for any ideas or suggestions you can provide!


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      Deepak Tyagi
      Deepak Tyagi

      Hi Wendy,

      Currently, we don’t have Functionality to update multiple rows in the qListForm. In case you need any further help or want to discuss the same please feel free to log a case with our support team of QuickApp through website only.

      Thanks and Regards,


      AgreeYa Support Group

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