How to add a Dell QuickApps Project Site template


How to add a Dell QuickApps Project Site template


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QuickApps comes with a sample project solution that pre-configures the QuickApps components involved. This is a quick guide on setting that up.


Here are the steps to do to add the Solutions:
1. Go to your parent site -> Site Settings -> (Under Web Designer Galleries) Solutions.
2. Upload the solutions: Dell Project Dashboard Site and Dell Single Project Site (or Dell Multi Project Site). Activate both solutions.
3. Go to parent site -> Site Contents -> Subsites -> New subsite
4. Create the Project Dashboard site from Dell Project Dashboard Site template.
5. Go to the created Project Dashboard site.
6. Then go to Site Contents -> new subsite -> Create Single Project site from Dell Single Project Site template.
7. Create a group called Administrators
8. Add users to this group that will set up the site
9. Browse to the Single/Multi Project Subsite
10.  Under Administration Pages Choose Application Set up
11. Create a new Task
12. Create a new Phase
13. Repeat 11 and 12 until you have all the tasks and phases you would like
Now you should be able to use all the features in the Single/Multi Project sites and these will roll up into the Dashboard as well.

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