INTERNAL – General performance optimization tips


INTERNAL – General performance optimization tips


INTERNAL – General performance optimization tips

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General performance optimization tips


1) Run multiple parallel jobs but make sure the jobs are targeting different libraries. It would be even better if you run the application on multiple workstations, but again make sure they are not writing into the same library

The reason that we advice not to run multiple jobs uploading files into the same library is that there is no way to take advantage of multi-threading when that is done. In fact, there is a possibility of collisions for versioned libraries.

However, each job that uploads to different libraries uses it's own thread and is independent of the other, resulting in ideal throughput.

2) Use 64 bit (see here for more info: http://communities.quest.com/docs/DOC-12310 - INTERNAL )
3) Turn off indexing on the target SharePoint instance
4) You will get a very slight improvement by installing the core properties web service on the target

Some migration features affect performance and should be used carefully. General rules for maximum migration speed (as far as tool configuration):

-Do not do defer required

-Do not do content permissions, or permissions at all ideally

-Do not use CSV

-Do not copy versions (or limit the # of versions being migrated)

-Do not do any mapping of users or templates

-Do not do incremental sync (or migration on top of the exisitng list)

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