Localization of Web Parts for SharePoint (Quest Web Parts)


Localization of Web Parts for SharePoint (Quest Web Parts)


Localization of Web Parts for SharePoint (Quest Web Parts)

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What localization does and how to set it up?


Quest Web Parts version 5.7 supports dynamic language switching for qListView, qListForm and qChartView.

Localization changes text lines displayed in web part controls such as Web Part title, Context menu items, etc:

ATT - 20121011_130241_localization.png

To localize web part perform the following steps:

1. Create a Resource list with Resource ID, Culture and Value columns:

ATT - 20121011_125950_Loalization_ResourceList.png

Note: Resource ID contains name that is assigned to a specific resource in the web part settings (see p.3 below)

2. Change settings of the web part you want to localize:

ATT - 20121011_130433_localization_ezEdit.png

Note: Specify a name for the resource that will be localized. This name should be used as Resource ID in the Resource list.

3. Add culture in the end of URL. For example: http://site/Pages/default.aspx?culture=ru-RU

Names for the resources have been changed:

ATT - 20121011_131112_localization_localized.png

To find a list of culture IDs refer to "Table of Language Culture Names, Codes, and ISO Values Method"

For additional information refer to the Localization section in the Web Part Help

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