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Code – Free

Use point-and-click configuration instead of custom code to customize SharePoint solutions

Easy To Build

21 powerful web parts that lets you build SharePoint applications that are easily supported, maintained and upgraded

Upto 80% Faster

SharePoint app development, management, migration and customization up to 80% faster

QuickApps Benefits

IT Professionals

  • Address wide range of business demand, without custom code
  • Accelerate time-to-delivery
  • Improve SLAs to end users
  • Enable Power Users to be self serving
  • Build Apps Easily
  • Reduce Burden on IT
  • Improve ROI

IT Manager

  • Slash development costs by avoiding custom code
  • Unlock the full potential of SharePoint investment
  • Easily supported, maintained, deployed and upgraded

Site Owner

  • Empowered to deliver their own solution to meet specific business need
  • Get what you need from SharePoint, when you need it
  • Freedom to customize
  • Increase efficiency and productivity


  • Better utilization of experienced coders assigned
  • Complete projects sooner. Take on more accounts
  • Make services practice more competitive ensuring long-term satisfaction

QuickApps earned Bronze recognition in the

Best SharePoint Development Tool category in

WindowslTPro Community Choice Awards.