Display data from external data sources in a grid and experience the data roll up, grouping and filtering benefits offered with qListView.

Advantages over native SharePoint

  • Point and click roll up of data in multiple lists
  • Unlimited grouping
  • Configure parent-child relationships in a two-level hierarchical list view
  • Create complex filters and sort list view data in meaningful ways
  • Export list view data into Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, PDF or CSV formats
  • Customize the look and feel by using pre-packaged skins or by creating a custom skin
  • Point-and-click CAML filtering editors for both list items and folders

Before installing QuickApps, ensure your system meets the following minimum hardware and software requirements:

  • Software and hardware requirements for QuickApps are the same as those for SharePoint.
  • QuickApps must be installed on one of the web front end servers. It does not have to be installed on all the servers in the farm.
  • QuickApps requires administrator rights on the SharePoint server during installation. If your SQL Server is located on a different computer than the SharePoint server, ensure that you log in with a domain account that has administrative farm privileges.
  • Although administrative tasks on SharePoint sites are optimized for Internet Explorer 8 or later, Microsoft SharePoint Server also provides rendering support for other browsers that are commonly used. To ensure that you have complete access to all the functionality, we recommend that you use Internet Explorer 8 or later for administrative tasks.