Create Engaging Charts & Dynamic Lists on SharePoint On-Premise/Online – Without Coding

Create Engaging Charts & Dynamic Lists on SharePoint On-Premise/Online – Without Coding

11:00 AM PST | March 16, 2017

SharePoint application development & customization is a very slow, tedious, and an excessively cost-intensive process. This makes it extremely tough for enterprises to take advantage of their SharePoint investment. It also becomes difficult for the organization to cope up with the speed of business requirement and sustain itself with the new version of SharePoint coming in.

Here is a smart solution to all the above challenges – QuickApps. QuickApps brings the required ROI through its powerful web apps which eliminates custom coding making the entire process 80% faster. To know how you can leverage these powerful web apps we conducted a webinar focused on how to easily create engaging charts and dynamic lists on SharePoint On-Premise / Online with data from multiple sites, site collections and web applications WITHOUT CODING!

The webinar is now available for download if you would like to learn more on the below topics:

  • Fetch list and chart data from multiple websites, site collections and web applications
  • Point & click roll-up of data in multiple lists & CAML filtering editors for list items & folders
  • Create complex filters & sort list view data in meaningful ways with unlimited grouping
  • Configure parent-child relationships, in a two-level hierarchy list view
  • Change elements such as fonts, labels, backgrounds & logos to create a rich user experience
  • Customize the look of lists & charts by using pre-packaged skins or by creating custom skins
  • Export list view data into Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF or CSV

If you want to know more about QuickApps or want to discuss how it can help your organization, drop us an email at quickapps@agreeya.com

Ryan Cruz – Solutions Manager – Quickapps AgreeYa
Rahul Madhan – Product Specialist – Quickapps AgreeYa