How to customize SharePoint – Without Coding

How to customize SharePoint – Without Coding

11 am PST | December 8, 2016

A Kinvey CIO survey says 56% of IT leaders claim that it takes 7 or more months to develop or customize a SharePoint® application. Many even share the fact that such a process of SharePoint development and customization is slow, torturous and expensive that directly impacts business operations.

To help solve these problems we organized a webinar on ‘How to customize SharePoint – Without Coding’ that focused on steps and ways to maximize organization’s SharePoint investments. During the webinar we also showcased our QuickApps product suite for SharePoint and Office 365 to highlight how it can help organization’s customize SharePoint on premise and online without coding.

If you are a SharePoint user, developer, administrator or manager, you would not want to miss this.

The webinar is now available for download if you would like to learn more on the below topics:

  • SharePoint development and coding paradigms
  • Cost and ROI of development and its impact on operations
  • QuickApps’s integration, benefits and returns
  • Building Charts and Forms using QuickApps
  • Top 3 challenges of customization on SharePoint
  • Unleashing the full potential of your SharePoint / O365 (SharePoint Online) investment with QuickApps

If you want to know more about QuickApps or want to discuss how it can help your organization, drop us an email at quickapps@agreeya.com

Ryan Cruz – Solutions Manager – QuickApps AgreeYa
Rahul Madhan – Product Specialist – QuickApps AgreeYa