Quest ChartView not displaying the results


Quest ChartView not displaying the results


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The issue was that the Quest chart view and the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed was not displaying the results correctly and inspite of upgrading to the latest version of Development Studio for SharePoint 4.1 the chart view did not show any results.


The issue can be resolved using two ways:-

1. The web.config file for the website where the issue was occurring was not modified using the Development Studio SI configurator.
a. Open SI Configurator and if there are issues showing to be fixed then the issue lies there.
b. Click the Fix it button and even and it would prompt to enter information for the SMTP server.
c. If SMTP server information is available enter the details otherwise can click ok accepting the default settings.
d. Once the SI configurator issues were fixed the Chart view and RSS feed displayed the results successfully.

If changes to the web.config file is not acceptable then use the following workaround :-

1. Click on configure the webpart and in the display tab scroll right down and uncheck the "Use session for image creation" and click ok.
2. By default the "Use session for image creation" would be checked always.
3. Once the settings were done the Chart view results were displayed correctly.
4. This workaround would be cumbersome as the changes to the "Use session for image creation" checkbox would need to be done for each webpart using the Quest Chart view and RSS feed webpart.
5. If the web.config file is changed for the website with the issue then this change is not required.

Please note the screenshot.

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