5 Ways No-Code Platforms are Accelerating Government Digital Transformation

5 Ways No-Code Platforms are Accelerating Government Digital Transformation

5 Ways No-Code Platforms are Accelerating Government Digital Transformation

Consumer and business digital adoption has vaulted five years forward in only about a few weeks in light of COVID-19.

– McKinsey & Company Study

The world we live in has dramatically changed within a year. The rapid pace of technology development is shaping the way organizations operate in more ways than one. Like the private sector, a digital transformation is no longer an option but rather a necessity for government organizations.  Gartner predicts that by 2023, more than 80% of the government’s digital implementations that do not build on a technology platform will fail to meet objectives. Consequently, government organizations need to quickly address their decaying technology infrastructure and become productive members of the digital ecosystem.

Most government CIOs recognize that their agencies must remain agile and innovative to stay vital in this digital-first era. A 2020 Deloitte survey on digital transformation, including more than 1,200 government officials, discovered that three-fourths of respondents believe that digital technologies are “disrupting the public sector” and 96% of respondents characterized the impact on their domain as “significant”. Today, digital transformation has become an absolute imperative for governments. It empowers government department and agencies to improve services, support economic recovery, reduce costs, ensure resiliency, and increase secure collaboration through the crisis and beyond.

Historically, SharePoint and Microsoft 365 have been great starting points for digital transformation initiatives. More than 200 million users and 250,000 organizations around the world use SharePoint as their sole platform for information management and enterprise collaboration. As a top-rated and trusted product, it enables government agencies to strengthen collaboration, manage documents, projects, and content better, and build essential applications for operational efficiencies and better citizen services. With SharePoint, government agencies can lift the bar and compete with the service levels and operating standards of the private sector.

How does No-code Fit in?

2021, the market demand for app development will grow at least five times faster than IT capacity to deliver it.

– Gartner study

SharePoint apps are a big part of SharePoint’s appeal. It enables the private and public sector organizations alike to utilize SharePoint data in more meaningful ways to enhance the quality of services. However, with the traditional SharePoint app development approach the entire workplace modernization and digital transformation become an IT-dependent initiative.

A No-code app development platform empowers government departments and agencies to rapidly build and deploy custom apps without the need for time-consuming coding. It empowers business experts to seamlessly build apps and automate business processes leveraging simple point-and-click configuration. Such a platform helps agencies slash the app development costs and thereby the digital transformation budget while delivering continuous improvement in operating standards through innovative apps.

Benefits of No-code platforms towards Government Digital Transformation

#1: Engage with your Citizens better

No-code platforms have been altering the landscape of SharePoint application development and driving digital transformation. Gartner forecasts that No/Low-code application development platforms will account for 65 percent of all app development by 2024. It enables government agencies to transform and modernize their applications faster and better. With a No-code platform, governments are better equipped to meet the citizens’ expectations. It enables transparent, consistent, and omnichannel service delivery to citizens. Government department and agencies have been making efforts to expedite services for their citizens. However, constrained budgetary provisions often limit the ability of governments to achieve such goals. No-code application development allows government bodies with limited resources to develop high-quality and user-friendly applications for citizens.

#2: Transform Business Experts into Citizen Developers

No-code platforms bridge the gap between business knowledge and coding skills. It brings in business experts with a deep understanding of processes into SharePoint app development. It establishes a culture of “development for everyone”, wherein the users can leverage a point-and-click environment to build impactful business applications and automate processes. What’s more, governments do not have to depend on the overburdened IT team or wait for prolonged periods to roll out new apps. They can swiftly design, develop and launch SharePoint apps to redefine citizens’ experience.

#3: Replace Legacy Systems with More Efficient Processes

A core principle of digital transformation is to modernize the arduous and slow-moving legacy processes. Successful government departments and agencies are today aiming to replace siloed systems that weigh less on productivity and high on maintenance with faster and scalable processes. No-code platforms can be leveraged to build robust new applications with minimal investment and disruption. Such apps are faster, readily adaptable, and highly scalable per the changing needs of the government sector.  

#4: Launch Data-driven Initiatives for Citizens

SharePoint is the single repository of mission-critical information for a growing number of government agencies and departments. It contains data and insights which could enable governments to launch new citizen initiatives, boost productivity, increase process transparency, and achieve cost savings. However, fetching useful data from SharePoint requires specialized coding skills. Powered with a No-code platform, the government staff can build applications and dashboards to automate data discovery and analysis. As a result, the stakeholders are empowered with better insights to launch successful campaigns.   

 #5: Enable Faster Roll-out of SharePoint Applications

Government agencies can rapidly develop and deploy applications with a No-code platform to further accelerate their speed of implementing new processes. This has been especially critical to facilitate a digital workplace during and beyond the pandemic. No-code platforms can enable paperless and automated administration by transforming day-to-day functions and bridging silos for improved collaboration.

Catalyze Government Digital Transformation with QuickApps

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