Build a Dynamic Sales Dashboard on SharePoint with QuickApps

Build a Dynamic Sales Dashboard on SharePoint with QuickApps

Build a Dynamic Sales Dashboard on SharePoint with QuickApps

Conventionally, the field of sales was intuition driven. But today, it is all about numbers, numbers, and more numbers! Sales professionals rely on the voluminous data to glean insights, strategize for the future, and make better decisions. But every action fails if the data is not real-time, accurate, and not presented in a way that helps professionals to achieve their goals. Therefore, sales dashboards are imperative for organizations to run successful sales operations.

What Is a Sales Dashboard?

A sales dashboard is a visual representation of data that shows how an organization’s sales department is performing, highlighting the areas which need attention, and showing scope for improvement. It provides analytical insight that can help stakeholders and managers to control sales KPIs and monitor them in one central place while assisting the teams in reaching sales goals through detailed analyses of sales performance, cycle lengths, and sales funnels. Leveraging sales dashboards, organizations can understand the current health of their business and strategize to future-proof their business and increase revenue.

Why should organizations leverage SharePoint to create a Sales Dashboard?

A SharePoint-based Sales Dashboard delivers organizations with detailed sales reports, scorecards, and widgets that are accessible from the web. A SharePoint-based sales dashboard can help sales professionals visualize the voluminous data they have and get analytical insights that can help them make better sales strategies and improve decision-making. Some qualitative business benefits of such dashboards are:

#1: Accessibility of data at a centralized location

Unstructured data spread across different platforms is of no use to any department. SharePoint-based sales dashboards ensure that all the data is aggregated from different sites and site collections and presented at a centralized location.

#2: Improved decision making

Having accurate and up-to-date sales data in one place enables sales professionals to make informed decisions easily. Leveraging an impactful sales dashboard, sales managers can analyze how their teams are performing in different demographics, check out the sales, identify the areas lacking, predict market demands and improve decision-making.

#3: Accurate and faster reporting

Generating sales reports manually can be time-consuming and cumbersome, especially when employees do not have all the data in one place. By leveraging SharePoint-based sales dashboards, sales professionals can generate reports faster. Employees get notified in real-time as new data is available, ensuring the reports generated are up to date.

#4: Reduces human errors

With so many tasks at hand, humans are bound to make mistakes sometimes. But with a sales dashboard, sales professionals have real-time visibility into all processes and the data that drives them. This means fewer human errors, less time spent trying to put together the right information, and more time for solving problems that matter.

#5: Seamless Customization

One advantage of the SharePoint-based sales dashboard is that it can be customized and tailored according to organizations’ needs. Leveraging No-code SharePoint solutions, organizations can aggregate, filter, and display data on the dashboard based on their specific requirements at any point in time.

#6: Maximization of Technology Investment

Most organizations continue to leverage SharePoint solely for Content management and Intranet. As a flexible platform, SharePoint delivers organizations with many options. With a SharePoint-based sales dashboard, organizations can attain more than utilize SharePoint for Intranet and collaboration. It enables them a chance to automate a business-critical process without the need for purchasing a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product.

Sales Dashboard creation made easy with QuickApps

QuickApps is part of AgreeYa’s award-winning suite of solutions that simplifies customization and process automation on SharePoint. It is an innovative ‘No-code’ solution with a set of pre-built templates and 21 powerful web apps that help sales professionals aggregate data from multiple sources and analyze and visualize the data in the form of compelling lists, tables, charts, and more. Leveraging QuickApps, sales professionals can seamlessly build sales dashboards on SharePoint, visualize data, and generate reports rapidly, enabling improved decision-making. Some of its popular web apps are:

  • qListView: Combines data from multiple lists over multiple sites and site collections
  • qChartView: Creates 3D graphs and charts with data from databases.
  • qCalendarView: Organizes all your schedules into one view, including data from non-SharePoint calendar lists.
  • qSIChartView: Compellingly summarize your data with our interactive 3-D charts.
  • qMediaView: Organize pictures, videos, and audio files from different sites, site collections, and web applications into a centralized list, slide show, or gallery
  • qSIListForm: Create, read, and edit external data in a form.

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