Benefits of No-code SharePoint Application Development

Benefits of No-code SharePoint Application Development

Benefits of No-code SharePoint Application Development

According to a recent Microsoft report, more than 250,000 organizations worldwide use SharePoint for their day-to-day collaboration. While SharePoint was initially launched and sold as a robust document and content management system, it has evolved into a highly configurable platform for enterprises today. It makes great sense then to utilize this platform to develop powerful SharePoint apps that fulfill key business requirements.

While SharePoint does offer some out-of-the-box application development templates, but working with them can be tedious as it requires in-depth and complicated customization to create business-specific solutions. The next best SharePoint application development approach is to custom code it all the way. While this might fetch satisfactory results yet the process is complex, costly, and time-consuming. It does not make sense to engage in this process unless in-house SharePoint development is one of your core business areas.

What is the alternative then?

The solution to this custom SharePoint development dilemma lies in adopting the No-code approach. No-code development is a trending concept among the developers’ community. But, before we discuss the benefits of No-code SharePoint application development it is essential to understand this concept first.

True No-code products, such as our very own QuickApps for SharePoint, are primarily 100% metadata-driven development platforms. As a result, all the SharePoint application functionalities created by the developer are stored in the form of properties which describes actions or behavior to be represented. When an application runs, the App Interface corresponds with defined properties to show the functionalities. This means even the non-technical personnel can develop applications with the simple point-and-click configurations. This enables the enterprises to focus back on their core business, lowers costs, optimizes user experiences, and streamlines business processes.

Top 4 Benefits of No-code SharePoint application development

  • Empowers Citizen Developers: Removes dependency on IT, and promotes the citizen developer concept. A no-code customization approach allows the employees to meet their complex business requirements, from interface enhancements to complete SharePoint software solutions.
  • Accelerates Time to Market: Since the point-and-click configuration consumes significantly less time than writing, debugging, and compiling codes, the end-user functionalities can be developed in a rapid quick time. Comparatively measured, customized SharePoint solutions can be created 6x to 8x faster. This helps enterprises meet their development SLAs.
  • Brings High User Engagement: Allows enterprises to extend SharePoint capabilities beyond what is natively possible by developing apps that fit the business needs, improve navigation, enhance the UI, and drive high user adoptions.
  • Simplifies the Upgrade Process: Mitigates the challenges associated with the upgrade process. Custom coded applications involve hard-coded references to server names, databases, or URLs which might not run effectively on another platform. As the custom SharePoint apps built with no-code development tools need the least coding, they can work seamlessly in the new platform.

Customize SharePoint without Coding with QuickApps

Now, let us introduce you to AgreeYa’s no-code SharePoint application development solution – QuickApps. This innovative product includes a set of 21 web apps which simplifies SharePoint development and minimizes the application lifecycle costs. By adopting QuickApps, enterprises can reduce the cost and effort required in supporting, maintaining, and upgrading business applications ensuring their long-term impact and high return on investment.