How No-code is Enabling Digital Transformation?

How No-code is Enabling Digital Transformation?

How No-code is Enabling Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is not a new concept that emerged in 2020. The need for digital transformation has existed many years prior and will continue long after the Pandemic fades away. Having said that, the pandemic has significantly intensified and accelerated the need for digital transformation. A recent Gartner study revealed that 91% of organizations are engaged in some form of digital transformation initiative. Additionally, Nuxeo research found that the pandemic has made digital transformation #1 priority for 70% of organizations.

With a successful digital transformation initiative, organizations can streamline processes, enhance productivity, and drive revenue growth. Such an initiative can enable organizations to adapt to the changing business landscape, innovate seamlessly, and gain a competitive advantage. However, many organizations find digital transformation challenging to implement. A study by McKinsey and Co. showed that 70% of transformation projects fail to meet some of their goals!

No-code: The Catalyst to Digital Transformation

No-Code application development is helping organizations avoid the bumps in their digital transformation journey. Such solutions enable organizations and teams to create and deploy business-critical applications at unprecedented speed allowing digital transformation at any time scale. Such deployments are characterized by intense modularity, flexibility, and agility. No-code solutions foster an environment of creativity and innovation to deliver game-changing business results. They bring in the full diversity of stakeholders to input their specialized skills and personal expertise into the application development process. The final products are digital transformations that can happen instantaneously and suit the needs of all stakeholders perfectly on the first try. A recent Gartner research suggests “that Low/No-code application platforms will account for 65 percent of all app development by 2024.” While Forrester predicts such technologies are expected to become a $10 billion market.

The business technology landscape is changing at the rate of knots. These rapidly changing times have imposed the need for more and more applications. Organizations need to understand that it is going to be impossible for their IT teams to fulfill this surge in application development demands. Towards this, organizations need to empower their business experts with the right solutions to tackle their app development requirements without overburdening IT. And this is precisely where No-code comes into the equation. It capacitates business users with an understanding of the logic behind the application to build an app by leveraging point-and-click configuration. No-code solutions can automate a lot of the manual labor-intensive business processes and inject speed and efficiency into business operations. 

How No-code is enabling Digital Transformation

Now, let’s dive in and understand how No-code development is benefiting the Digital Transformation initiatives for organizations across the globe.

#1: Bridges the Gap between Technology and Business Expertise

No-code solutions deliver a perfect balance between the experience of the business process and the expertise in application development. By empowering business users to build business applications, an organization can realize untapped potential already present in the workforce. Through 2023, Gartner expects four key democratization aspects to accelerate – the democratization of data and analytics, development, design, and knowledge. No-code solutions are driving this transition towards citizen development. Today, many business users are seamlessly innovating, effectively combining legacy technologies with new technologies, and helping reduce the pressure on IT resources. No-code solutions are empowering employees who understand the process best to create solutions without compromising security and governance.

#2: Increases the Scope for Experimentation

Experimentation plays a significant role in digital transformation. No-code allows organizations to try out different approaches, as the time and resources required are very low. It also enables users to build apps from a plethora of pre-built templates and web apps allowing them to deliver innovative solutions quickly by reassembling ready capabilities. Users can leverage a No-code platform to test ideas on a small scale to identify issues, rectify those, check for the project’s efficiency, and prepare to adapt to the changes faster. The crux of low code makes it easy for users to experiment and create apps that meet their needs in a more personalized way than other off-the-shelf and pricy alternatives. 

#3: Delivers Speed and Agility

In a recent survey by AppSheet, 32% of app creators cited speed of development as one of the greatest benefits of using no-code solutions. Traditional coding is a time and resource-intensive process. The development of an application with the traditional approach usually requires thousands of code lines, followed by fixing code errors (wherein one single colon or click here and there can mess up the code), rigorous testing, and finally deployment. All these aspects make app development a long and cumbersome process.

No-code development solutions speed up the entire process. It eliminates the need for coding. Business users can simply leverage pre-built templates and web apps to integrate the functionality required and create an impactful application. Such platforms can accelerate app development speed by up to 80%. And when talking about errors, the probability of compiler error reduces to a great extent with these platforms.  

#4: Reduces implementation problems

In traditional set-ups, IT departments have to spend a tremendous amount of time trying to fix implementation issues. These issues may include programs that don’t run properly, hardware that doesn’t communicate effectively, and users who can’t understand complicated procedures. No-code solutions can significantly improve the IT department’s productivity by eradicating implementation issues and lessening their workload. Most of the modern-day No-code solutions have a predictive feature that can determine the areas where an implementation issue might occur and take care of them even before they occur.

#5: Bolsters Security and Reduces Risks

No-code solutions are designed following the security best practices and built to withstand modern cybersecurity threats. Before commercial release, such a solution is thoroughly tested for vulnerabilities and flaws. A team of experts makes sure that the generated code is flawless and risk-free. Such a hack-proof code would be nearly impossible to build on custom software outside the No-code platform.

#6: Delivers a Competitive Edge

By enabling users to build applications rapidly, No-code solutions allow organizations to stay nimble and respond to changing business priorities swiftly. Teams can leverage the simple point-and-click configuration to build apps and enhance their productivity. Business dashboards and insightful reports can be created with such solutions enabling business leaders to make data-driven decisions to propel business growth. No-code solutions have a cost-benefit too. As business users can are empowered to self-create applications, organizations don’t have to hire additional developers or pressure IT teams to deliver applications on time. You can easily digitize and automate the processes, improve workflows, and customize applications with No-code, thereby improving overall efficiency.

Digital Transformation is not an option in the current business landscape. It has become an integral component of every organization. According to a McKinsey and Co. report, the majority of organizations who do not respond to embracing digital transformation fail miserably. However, coding-based application development has been one of the foremost hurdles for organizations on their digital transformation journey. It slows down, creates siloes, pressurizes IT, increases costs, and amplifies complexities in digital transformation to frustrate everyone. No-code solutions, such as QuickApps, can address such issues and enable business transformation.

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