How to Streamline App Development by Using No-Code Approach?

How to Streamline App Development by Using No-Code Approach?

How to Streamline App Development by Using No-Code Approach?

SharePoint is a lot like the block games we used to love during our childhood years. It provides organizations with a flexible platform to create an awesome digital workplace. Though SharePoint offers many out-of-the-box functionalities but they might not prove sufficient in tackling your unique business requirements. To stay relevant and drive growth, organizations need to optimize SharePoint through accelerated internal application development efforts. To meet this end, businesses are on the lookout for application development platforms that can assist them in creating, testing and deploying the essential business applications.

According to a Verified Market Research study, the global DevOps market which was valued at $3.62 billion in 2018, is projected to reach $20.01 billion by 2026!

To meet their enterprise application development requirements, most businesses are combining the DevOps approaches with No-Code development solutions, because such solutions provide tools to build essential business applications faster and with a higher level of accuracy. Such platforms are also eliminating the immense pressures placed on IT administrators and SharePoint developers, by streamlining their responsibilities and workloads. The adoption of No-Code solutions has been slashing the development cycles by ensuring a faster time to market for business applications.

How the No-Code Approach is helping Organizations?

In the fast-changing, fiercely competitive and densely populated marketplace, businesses are more pressed than ever before to build applications rapidly to meet their internal and external demands. Often business application development aims to reduce the manual efforts and manage enterprise data better. No-Code solutions offer a code-free approach to application development by providing a pre-built set of web apps to work with. With the growing demand for custom SharePoint business applications, it is important to have a solution that assists in meeting your development needs and empowers the users with new capabilities to enhance their productivity and collaborations.

Discernable Benefits of No-Code Application Development

  • Empowers non-technical professionals: As aforementioned, the No-Code platforms enable the non-technical users to build and improve applications. Business users can take control of their digital transformation efforts by building and modifying their processes, without writing lines of complex codes. The democratization of application development, helps businesses shift their developers from routine coding work to more strategic projects which are critical to the core business processes.
  • Accelerates application development: Apart from making the application development easier and accessible to less technical users, the No-Code solution also enables rapid development and deployment. As an example, AgreeYa’s QuickApps helps organizations in building applications 80 percent faster than the traditional coding approach. Faster time to market is a crucial factor for organizations as they look to outpace their competitors and get a leading-edge in the market.
  • Future-proofs business applications: Unlike the traditional development approach, which includes complex and hard to upgrade lines of codes, a No-Code solution simplifies the process of upgrading from one SharePoint version to the next. Businesses that rely on the traditional (coding) approach towards application development have to reinvest in the same applications upon moving to a newer and more capable version of SharePoint. This would be a loss of many productive hours and disrupt business processes. No-Code solutions, such as QuickApps and QuickApps for Office 365, address this problem and offer scalability to businesses.
  • Streamlines application development: No-code solutions can easily integrate into the existing application development process, meaning that the application developed by a non-technical professional can be deployed in a similar manner as the developer’s application. This consistency leads to a lower cost of ownership because it allows a low-code solution to easily integrate with the existing business processes and workflows. It minimizes the risk of disruption and irregularities.

As businesses gear up for the year ahead, they would want to embrace innovation and elevate performance through agile and accelerated SharePoint custom application development. No-Code solutions, such as QuickApps, offer businesses scope for growth, competitive differentiation, and sustainable business success.