Simplify Application Development on SharePoint with QuickApps Cloud Apps on AppSource

Simplify Application Development on SharePoint with QuickApps Cloud Apps on AppSource

Simplify Application Development on SharePoint with QuickApps Cloud Apps on AppSource

Today, SharePoint is the most popular collaboration and document management system available for organizations. But apart from its leading-edge features that ensure seamless collaboration and great document management, SharePoint is also known for its flexibility. As a platform, it encourages organizations to leverage third-party solutions to maximize SharePoint ROI, automate processes and build powerful business applications.     

While SharePoint offers many out-of-the-box features, but that may not suffice to meet the use case specific business challenges. In order to overcome their business problems and maximize the potential of SharePoint, organizations do tend to build many customizations, applications and automation.  SharePoint custom development empowers employees to improve their productivity and efficiency; while enabling organizations to optimize, streamline and automate their business processes. However, the challenges for organizations is that the development and deployment of SharePoint-based applications are both a time-consuming and costly affair.   

As a part of the traditional SharePoint development methodology, organizations have to approach developers in SharePoint coding. But, if truth be told, these experienced SharePoint developers come at a cost that is way more than expected. Also, these SharePoint developers are overburdened with development requests of their own, and whenever a new request arises, it takes time to get completed and delivered. And by the time developers even start working on the requirement, a lot of time has elapsed, requirements have changed, and new requests have already been added to the pipeline. This delay in the application development process can cause a massive drop in business revenue.

No-code solutions are the most viable way to tackle the time and budgetary constraints involved in SharePoint custom development. The No-code approach mitigates the roadblocks organizations face with the traditional app development approach. This technological trend enables business users to leverage their in-depth business knowledge to build impactful SharePoint solutions without writing long lines of codes and dependence on IT. This has significantly reduced the costs and complexities associated with SharePoint custom app development processes. No-code solutions enable users to build solutions up to 80% faster with point-and-click configuration and visual-based design.

Mitigate SharePoint Online development challenges with QuickApps Online

AgreeYa’s QuickApps is a fine example of No-code development solution for SharePoint. It enables organizations to build enterprise-grade applications for Microsoft SharePoint Online and On-premise at comparatively lower costs. It delivers a suite of powerful web parts to accelerate SharePoint Online development. Business users can leverage QuickApps web parts to create applications that are easily supported, maintained, and upgraded, ensuring their long-term impact and return on investment. QuickApps for SharePoint Online delivers the following benefits to users:

  • Anywhere Access: Connect with a global audience where anyone can engage.
  • Cloud Utilization: QuickApps Online enables the safety and security benefits of the cloud.
  • User-model Based: Ease of use serves customized needs from worker to worker.
  • Easy to Procure License: AgreeYa offers enterprise licensing and licensing online.
  • Expediates Development: Allows business users to build enterprise applications up to 80% faster and lower costs.
  • Empowers Business Users: QuickApps’ point-and-click configuration and powerful web parts enable the business users to build applications, customizations and automation on their own.

QuickApps Web Parts available on Microsoft AppSource

At QuickApps we are dedicated to help organizations overcome their business challenges by developing applications, customizations and automation rapidly on SharePoint. Towards this, we have our eight powerful web apps listed on the Microsoft AppSource. The web parts can be downloaded for free on a 30-day trial from the AppSource. Current products on Microsoft AppSource include:

  • qListView: Enables users to create dynamic lists (from multiple SharePoint lists across sites and site collections). This helps in making the lists look more engaging by using pre-packaged skins. qListView develops filters and assists in putting the list view data in a synchronized order. qListView allows viewing, grouping, and filtering SharePoint data, which otherwise is impossible without writing a single line of code.
  • qListForm: Facilitates swift development of advanced list forms with a simple point-and-click configuration instead of an extensive custom code.
  • qChartView: Allows the creation of visually compelling SharePoint charts and dashboards that include dynamic filtering, drill-down reporting, and a rich user experience. Given that there is no native chart web part in SharePoint, qChartView charting solutions are ideal for BI and dashboard scenarios. qChartView offers an amazing user experience and further adds value to application development.
  • qMenu: Replaces the native SharePoint navigation, improving site navigation through a multi-level cascading menu bar and an intuitive collapsible panel menu.
  • qCalendarView: Brings together multiple calendars, holidays, events, and even task lists in one view that includes data from non-calendar lists as well. The add-in enables users to quickly drag and drop events as per the required slot, delete the events, or do any kind of edits as per your requirements.
  • qDynamicLayout: This web app maximizes valuable screen real estate of a SharePoint site, resulting in a clean and flexible site layout that meets your unique business needs.
  • qSelector: There’s no native drop-down control available in SharePoint. qSelector enables users to filter QuickApps qListView and qChartView web apps quickly and easily for dashboard scenarios.
  • qMultiSelector: Native SharePoint doesn’t allow users to add multiple drop-down filters to a page without custom coding. However, with qMultiSelector, users can filter QuickApps qListView and qChartView add-ins quickly and easily for dashboard purposes.

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