The ‘New Normal’ and the Indisputable Importance of No-Code Application Development

The 'New Normal' and the Indisputable Importance of No-Code Application Development

The ‘New Normal’ and the Indisputable Importance of No-Code Application Development

As organizations in the U.S. and across the globe reopen slowly after the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s not back to business as usual. Novel Coronavirus remains a very serious risk, and until a vaccine or treatment arrives, businesses need to remain vigilant. Further, it is also quite certain that the ‘New Normal’ in the post-COVID-19 world represents a dramatic restructuring of how businesses have traditionally operated.

The COVID-19 and the consequent post-viral era will challenge the core workings of organizations. Organizations that rely heavily upon SharePoint for their collaboration and information management requirements now need new applications to enhance their efficiency and adjust to the demands of new normal. And this responsibility, in normal situations, would be levied upon the IT department. However, the ongoing crisis has put IT departments under massive pressure to tackle the new challenges of supporting a massive remote workforce. The department is facing a massive resource crunch and time constraint, they are struggling to meet deadlines, which in turn is affecting the overall business outcomes.    No-Code solutions with their point-and-click functionality help organizations to speed up their application releases and address the pressing concerns swiftly. It empowers business users to take control of the business application process and develop without any coding support. Consequently, No-Code platforms are seeing a massive increase in popularity and adoption. Now, let us take a deep dive into the benefits of the No-code SharePoint application development in the “New Normal”.

Benefits of No-code SharePoint Application development in the “New Normal”

#1: Allows organizations to develop applications faster and meet the evolving needs of these unprecedented times

The pandemic has created an immediate need for organizations to commission the development of new and complex SharePoint applications that can support the collaboration and information management requirements of the remote workforce. However, based on the time constraints of the IT department, organizations need to rethink their existing SharePoint application development approach. No-code platforms fit the bill ideally. It enables faster and cost-effective ways of app development, thereby helping businesses meet their rapidly changing objectives. Research suggests that No-code solutions can reduce the overall app development time by about 80%.

#2: Leads to better resource optimization and enables the democratization of innovation

In the new normal, resource optimization through the democratization of innovation and automation are factors that separate the winners from the laggards. Innovation should not be confined within a core group of experts. The growing possibilities of an upcoming global recession mean that each employee needs to be provided with extra responsibilities. No-code platforms allow businesses to empower their employees with the right tool to innovate without dependencies. These simple to use platforms enable the subject matter experts to collaborate, build, and customize their apps conveniently, without undergoing any unnecessary hurdles and bottlenecks that can impede success.

#3: Helps organizations innovate within a small budget or even without any investment

With the threat of a global economic slowdown looming large, businesses need to embrace technologies that can help in cost savings while boosting business efficiency. No-code platforms allow organizations to get this balancing act right. It mitigates the need for hiring costly SharePoint developers to build new applications or customize the existing ones. One-time investment and periodic renewals are the only investments required to keep innovating and building powerful SharePoint applications with No-code solutions.

#4: Delivers applications that can be used to automate resource-intensive and important business processes

Automation is already emerging as the biggest technology trend in the new normal. Effective automation can help employees stay at the peak of their productivity. It helps organizations perform like a smoothly oiled machine and removes the mundane, repetitive tasks from the daily routine. While SharePoint is the lifeline for thousands of organizations across the globe. A large number of enterprise users believe that a significant portion of their productive hours is wasted in performing SharePoint tasks that could be otherwise automated. Today, there are powerful SharePoint No-code platforms that allow organizations to automate their tedious and mundane business tasks and that too without a single line of code.

#5: Releases the IT to focus on supporting the needs of the present remote working scenario

As much as we would like to, there is just no way to know when normalcy will return. For now, it seems that remote working is here to stay and that means the IT department would have to keep supporting the needs of their remote workforce. No-code platforms require minimum participation by the IT staff in the SharePoint application development, customization, and automation process. This helps the department to focus on new initiatives that ensure business continuity and productivity during these challenging times.

Confront your Business Challenges in the “New Normal” with Confidence

Now that you understand the importance of adopting a No-code application development platform to tackle the challenges presented by the ‘New Normal’, let us introduce you to QuickApps. It is a powerful No-code solution that allows business users to customize and build SharePoint apps at 80% faster with simple point-and-click configuration. Business users can use its powerful web apps and pre-built templates to create SharePoint applications from scratch, customize existing apps or automate tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks. Furthermore, QuickApps can be leveraged to:

  • Create insightful Dashboards and Charts
  • Automate business reports
  • Data Consolidation and Aggregation
  • Create Dynamic Navigation and Dynamic Forms

This pandemic will test the resilience of organizations over the next few years. Businesses need the right technologies to tackle the unprecedented challenges posed by the ongoing situation. QuickApps for Office 365 can ensure that your employees can rapidly build and release SharePoint business applications to streamline their work, benefiting the organization in the long run. 

Take a Free QuickApps Trial Now, to see how it can help you stay ahead of the business challenges posed by the “New Normal”.