Case Study

Banking Major Reimagines its Business Processes with QuickApps

Banking Major Reimagines its Business Processes with QuickApps

Headquartered in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, our customer is North America’s sixth-largest bank and provides a complete range of banking, lending, and investment services to more than 22 million clients across the globe. Over the years, the banking major has been leveraging a SharePoint on-premise environment to strengthen collaboration and communication between employees spread across various departments and locations. However, in the existing scheme of things, a bulk of the employees’ productive time went into completing mundane yet mission-critical tasks. The banking major felt the need to implement a SharePoint solution that automates the cumbersome manual processes to expedite turnaround time, ensure efficiency and free up employees for other high-value tasks.

AgreeYa’s QuickApps enabled the banking major to rapidly automate their business-critical processes such as accounts opening, mortgage processing, loan processing, and accounts payable. The solution also enabled our customer to accelerate work, ensure high accuracy and meet all the industry-specific data safety and compliance requirements.