Case Study

HCM Solutions Major Leverages QuickApps Online to Rapidly Recreate Apps and Ensure Business Continuity


Our customer is a global provider of Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions. Over the years, the organization has been leveraging SharePoint on-premise for document management and collaboration. However, the on-premise environment was lately proving insufficient for the HCM major due to the changing workplace requirements. As a result, the organization thought it fitting to migrate to Microsoft 365. Towards this, the organization wanted to migrate all their data to SharePoint Online and rapidly recreate applications on the cloud to ensure business continuity and user adoption.

The organization approached AgreeYa with the need for a solution to ensure that its employees can continue using the familiar SharePoint apps in the cloud from day one after the move. The AgreeYa team conducted a thorough assessment of the HCM major’s SharePoint on-premise infrastructure, apps, and instances. After due diligence, we suggested QuickApps Online and its enterprise license as a solution. With QuickApps Online, the HCM major could recreate not only the apps built with QuickApps but also over 10,000 code-based instances. The solution also enabled the HCM major to recreate apps in a matter of weeks rather than years, ensuring business continuity and high user adoption.