Create solutions upto 80% faster with custom development

Create solutions upto 80% faster with custom development

Create solutions upto 80% faster with custom development

In the present economic landscape, enterprises want quick development, real time processing and proactive outcomes. The current application development setting demands the same. How far are you agile? In various line of businesses, quick and custom based application development is required in order to reach to the masses and the markets. People want to tap on ‘go to market’ and overcome any hassles. Go with this piece of information to understand how you can create solutions upto 80% faster. Our QuickApps for SharePoint is one such solution that simply enhances one’s process of developing an application and bringing it to the market. The solution offers intelligent intranets and content collaboration which helps the client in meeting the requirements into exact needful product. What is special about SharePoint QuickApps?  

Easy to Use and Configure

  • One can drag the web apps to a page and configure
  • It does not require any extensive knowledge or any kind of development expertise
  • No professional qualification required

  Resultant Applications

  • Meet various range of requirements
  • Go to any length in managing any number of projects
  • User friendly with regards to support, maintain and upgrade in order to assure long-term value and ROI
  • It provides value addition to businesses as it is highly customizable, as a matter of fact, it can be configured for any virtual need or any vertical
  • The solution permits extreme granular permissions like edit, view only, delete/create files, and similar more and information hierarchy access for better secure sharing, it gets more critical when external users are brought in to collaborate
  • The brand-able interface lets one to project a highly professional image, both internally and externally when collaborating with external partners

The SharePoint based solution is an application development framework that involves multi-purpose set of Web apps. This lets customers develop custom apps without code. Realize the fact that – it is configuration and not coding! In that case, any kind of resource, not necessarily developers, can build solutions on their own. Take a look at the following chart of the web apps and the associated key features. This will help in realizing that each web app has its own aesthetic set of features that further helps in amazing application development.


From above, let’s take one web apps and look at the amount of beneficial features it is offering to the end customers – qListView It lets you view, group and filter data in most meaningful ways which is otherwise not possible to do without coding. For instance, you can roll up data from multiple SharePoint sites, site collections, lists, and web applications. Following are the benefits of qListView:

  • Customize the appeal with the help of pre-packaged skins or one can create a custom skin
  • Export list view data into formats like PDF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or CSV formats
  • Configure parent-child relationships in a two-level hierarchical list view
  • Create complex filters and sort list view data in relevant ways
  • Unlimited grouping
  • Point and click roll up of data in multiple lists
  • Point-and-click CAML filtering editors for both list items and folders

Similar to above, every web app has its own set of features which lets the user create a solution that he has been aiming in quickest time. SharePoint QuickApps lets people meet with a large variety of business specifications and requirements from across the verticals. Customization within SharePoint lets you extend base functionality that meets with any project need (charts, dashboards, forms, menus, data filtering etc.) of the user. This helps in cutting on time investment and the required developments are made upto 80% faster. Use Case: Take the scenario of an eLearning vertical where the user wanted to create an app for children (from 10 -15) where they will be able to create math problems on their own. In his SharePoint environment, the user wanted an application with little application of resources and minimum time investment. He had two choices, either he could hire SharePoint resources for the app development or he could leverage SharePoint QuickApps to create an app on his own. He decided to use SharePoint QuickApps as an easy and cost effective solution for developing the app. He used some of the features like:

QChartView This feature enabled him to create charts and dashboards which involved drill-down reporting, dynamic filtering and rich user experience. Further, it involved features like:

  • Customize chart elements like fonts, labels, backgrounds, canvas, logos, tooltips etc.
  • 30 plus chart types to meet with various visual, BI and dashboard requirements

QCascadingMenu This enabled improved site navigation with multi-level cascading menu bar around the top of the page.

  • Apply the pre-packaged skins so as to customize the appeal
  • Hide or show various menus dynamically as per user’s group or permissions

In this manner, the user applied various available features like qHelpLink, qManagement and qMediaView and related others. Upon integrating such features, the user was able to create an app that met his immediate requirements. In one way, the user is able to exploit the potential of SharePoint investment to the fullest as per his business requirements. Explore QuickApps to understand how better you can explore SharePoint environment and make better returns.

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