Enhance your SharePoint Adoption through QuickApps

Enhance your SharePoint Adoption through QuickApps

Enhance your SharePoint Adoption through QuickApps

More than 250,000 organizations use SharePoint, including over 85% of Fortune 500 companies who use SharePoint Online as part of Office 365.


Over the years, SharePoint has become the most popular choice of collaboration and document management system. SharePoint is today used by over 190 million employees across the globe to ensure productivity at the workplace and remove collaboration bottlenecks. Furthermore, 75% of corporate Intranets built in the last five years leveraged SharePoint! Organizations are utilizing the platform to store, access, and manage their data at a centralized location. In addition to facilitating better collaboration, SharePoint reduces the need to share files via email and duplicate files while increasing employee engagement.

However, leveraging SharePoint as a document management and storage platform is not enough to maximize the technology investment. As a very flexible platform, SharePoint allows organizations to build apps and automate processes helping them stay ahead of the curve. But most of these initiatives hit a roadblock due to over-dependence on IT and SharePoint development resources. Most of the planned SharePoint innovations never see the light of the day, while others are released when the business needs have evolved.  

Accelerate SharePoint Development with QuickApps

As an award-winning SharePoint app development and automation solution, QuickApps empowers business users to build impactful SharePoint solutions without a single line of code. This innovative solution delivers 21 powerful web apps, pre-built templates, and point-and-click configuration to enable rapid development of SharePoint apps, customizations, and process automation. QuickApps helps slash development time by up to 80%, delivers significant cost savings, and helps launch apps on time to tackle the business-critical challenges. The solution is available for SharePoint On-premise and SharePoint Online (Microsoft 365).  

Benefits of AgreeYa’s QuickApps

QuickApps can transform the SharePoint experience with its innovative features. It enables organizations to move beyond SharePoint’s out-of-the-box limitations and maximize the potential of the powerful platform without compromising on security and compliance. Other benefits of QuickApps include: 

  • Empower Business Users: QuickApps empowers business users to create new or change existing business applications on SharePoint without dependency on IT or SharePoint development resources. Business users (who don’t code) can quickly build or customize complex business applications on SharePoint On-premise or Online up to 80% faster using simple point-and-click configuration instead of writing long lines of codes.
  • Improve Deliveries: Leveraging QuickApps, businesses can shorten SharePoint application development cycles using readymade templates to deliver applications such as new employee onboarding, sales reporting, helpdesk, project management, and CRM that are easily supported, maintained, and extended.
  • Short Learning Curve: With QuickApps, even non-technical users can quickly build better SharePoint solutions with easy-to-use web apps, pre-defined templates, and built-in video tutorials.
  • Better Build: Our solution helps in extending applications beyond native capabilities and exceeding user expectations by delivering advanced functionality, including tabular forms to save screen space, parent-child relationships to ensure reliable data entry, and hide/show when logic to govern what data users can see.
  • Easy Integration: QuickApps web apps bring data together from all your LOB applications that are ODBC compliant. It can connect to multiple external sources like SQL Server, Oracle, Web Services, etc., without manually copying the data in SharePoint. Therefore, organizations can quickly adapt and implement QuickApps with their existing legacy applications and IT infrastructure to maximize ROI.
  • Robust Solution: The solution allows businesses to deliver code-free business applications that are easy to support, maintain, and upgrade. It supports app development and process automation across all versions of SharePoint, including SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2019, and SharePoint Online.
  • Industry Proven: For more than two decades, QuickApps has been enabling some of the leading enterprises across industries and geographies to simplify the development, maintenance, and upgrade of SharePoint applications. It is presently used by more than 75,000 users.

QuickApps’ Suite of Web Apps for SharePoint

QuickApps’ award-winning suite of web apps can be leveraged by organizations to build applications that tackle their exact business requirements. Below we have enlisted 21 web apps that comprise QuickApps’ multi-purpose set of web apps that enables users to build custom applications without code.

QuickApps Web AppsDescription
qListViewCombine data from multiple lists, even across sites, site collections, and web applications
qSIListViewDisplay external data in a SharePoint list
qListFormBuild advanced list forms with multiple tabs to save valuable screen space
qSIListFormCreate, view and edit external data in a form
qChartViewCreate compelling 3-D charts with data from multiple lists across sites, site collections, and web applications
qSIChartViewDisplay external data in compelling 3-D charts
qCalendarViewCombine all calendars into one view, including data from non-calendar lists
qSelectorPresent SharePoint list data in a dropdown control
qMultiSelectorDisplay master-detail data in multiple selectors
qSISelectorDisplay external data in a dropdown control
qDynamicLayoutConfigure a hierarchical menu system, enabling you to create complex menus that occupy minimum screen real estate
qPanelMenuBuild a collapsible and hierarchical panel menu for improved navigation
qCascadingMenuConfigure a hierarchical menu system, enabling you to create complex menus that occupy minimum screen real estate
qManagementManage multiple web apps in a site collection centrally from a single view, reducing your time and effort spent on maintenance and updates
qExcelViewDisplay data in Microsoft Excel, based on criteria passed from qListView, even when that data is not shown in the qListView
qDiscussionViewShow the topic and responses of multiple discussion lists in a single tree view and preview selected items in a preview panel
qMediaViewOrganize pictures, videos, and audio files from different sites, site collections, and web applications into a centralized list, slide show, or gallery
qItemDisplayView a single item that has been selected in the qSelector, qListView or qListForm
qCaptionDisplayDisplay a message from a centralized SharePoint list
qHelpLinkLink to a help file for your application
qPageRedirectorRedirect a user to a specific page based on the mapping specified in the page redirector list

Maximize Your SharePoint Investments with QuickApps

Leveraging SharePoint solely as document management and an Intranet platform is not enough to optimize your SharePoint investment. QuickApps, as a No-code solution, enables organizations to swiftly develop use case-specific applications that can help organizations gain a competitive advantage.

Download the 30 DAYS FREE TRIAL to see the innovative solution in action. You can also download the TRIAL VERSION FROM MICROSOFT APPSOURCE.

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