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I must have closed the browser because it is sticking again…so if I go to a sub-site and go back to that home page (of the site collection) it's still on the last tab I left the page on.  Another issue I did notice is if I add an item to one of the lists in the tab I get an error:


I think it's because it's a publishing page that the dynamic layout is being used on.  If I remove the dynamic layout web part I don't get the error when I add an item to the same list.  I only get it when the list is one of the tabs.  Are we not supposed to use this web part in a publishing page if we put lists in the tabs that we want the users to add items to?  If the tabs were just displaying info it'd be fine but if we want the lists (Announcements and Events for example) in the tabs and the users are allowed to add items to I don't want them to get this error.

By the way the items I do add before getting this error are entered into the list.  I just get this error and hit the "Go back to site" item is in list but it's not a good user experience to get this error every time they add an item.

Maybe I've done something wrong or maybe we can't use the tabs on published pages…just wondered if anyone knew for sure or could explain what I'm doing wrong.