RE: Filter multiple list view webparts

RE: Filter multiple list view webparts


Hi Prash,

  The session option is one option that should work.

You say that the session is blank, please check the following:

In the qSelector:

– the property "Session Name" is filled

–  the property "Refresh Page When Selection Changed" is checked

In qListView CAM filter please check the following:

– the condition property Value Source is set to Session    

– the Seesion Name property has the same value (case sensitive) you specified in the "Session Name" property of the qSelector

– the Source Name property has to contain the name of the field you want to use as in the filter condition

– the Site Url and the ListName have teh right values

I'd suggest you to create a test page and use a qSelector to filter data displayed in a qListView then move to the real page that is more complex.

Also, please check our documentation for more details about Session and CAML filter.

If it still doesn't work I can suggest another technique (connected web parts).

Let me know how it goes please.