Filter multiple list view webparts

Filter multiple list view webparts

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      This might be very common senario, we have multiple List view webparts on a page along with chart webparts (all quest), i wanted to know how to connect them together so on one filter (qselector or listview) the remaning web part data is filtered.


      I tried using Session in CAML filter expression but I get Session value is blank on quest web parts, the qselector with session name works fine but it doesnt display unique data. qSI selector is not configured in our site.

      This should be very easy and I some configuration i am missing, please let me know the approch/ settings for filtering multiple listview webparts on same page.

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      Hi Prash,

        The session option is one option that should work.

      You say that the session is blank, please check the following:

      In the qSelector:

      – the property "Session Name" is filled

      –  the property "Refresh Page When Selection Changed" is checked

      In qListView CAM filter please check the following:

      – the condition property Value Source is set to Session    

      – the Seesion Name property has the same value (case sensitive) you specified in the "Session Name" property of the qSelector

      – the Source Name property has to contain the name of the field you want to use as in the filter condition

      – the Site Url and the ListName have teh right values

      I'd suggest you to create a test page and use a qSelector to filter data displayed in a qListView then move to the real page that is more complex.

      Also, please check our documentation for more details about Session and CAML filter.

      If it still doesn't work I can suggest another technique (connected web parts).

      Let me know how it goes please.


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