"Access Denied" when accessing qListForm

"Access Denied" when accessing qListForm

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      Team –

      We have a customer using Quest Web Parts 5.7 in their O365 environment. The scenario they are attempting is simple to replicate. They have a simple custom list with 2 added columns: (1) is an only People column and (2) is a People and Group column. In this list they are using qListForm for all three views: Add/Edit/Display. However, when a user tries to Add/Edit/Display the item, they are getting an “Access Denied” error. I have been unable to replicate this in my environment.

      These are the permissions for their account:


      This is the error they receive:


      If they use their Site Collection Administrator account, everything works. Using OOB display webparts, all accounts have access and there is no issue. I am assuming the underlying issue may be with O365 permissions. Could you please offer any advice on what could be the cause and if we need to speak with Microsoft, where to direct their attention to?


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