Can quest web parts let me create a form that only shows some fields?

Can quest web parts let me create a form that only shows some fields?

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        You can control what fields to display in qListForm by using the ezEdit->Display tab-> Display Fields option.

      Regarding the scenario to show managers names then based on that to display some fields I'd suggest you to use a qSelector and pass the selection through session to a qListForm and use Form Component Behavior to show/hide fields based on the session from the qSelector.

      Please consult the documentation for more details. If you still have questions please let me know.

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      Thanks , but that doesn't help. I have consulted the documentation repeatedly, and can't find the answer, which is why I'm posting

      I'll try to be more specific about what I need to do:

      I have a list with about 30 columns, it will be used by two groups, the admin group will need to see all columns to add new items and update/edit, (this is working fine) and the Managers group only need to be able to see around 5-6 of the columns.

      I have a qlist display web part set up on a page that shows the fields the managers group needs, but when they want to edit an item in the list, they get an edit form with all the fields. I am trying to configure the qlistForm web part so that when they click edit next to oe of the list items, they only see those fields they can update.

      I can configure the display fields etc, however it wants me to define the ID HTTP Parameter Name. I don't want to define it because I want the selected list item to be updated not just one of them.

      Even when I try to define the ID by copying what it says in the documentation, I get an error.

      There is something in the documentation about editing the editform.aspx in sharepoint designer to hide it, which i did, so I dropped the qlistform on that blank page, and it sort of works.. except that to do it I have to specify the item ID , how do i make it so that the item id is pulled from whichever item is selected to edit?

      man.. I hope that makes sense..

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      Hi , thanks for your response, I have managed to get it to work (ish) but I'm not sure what I did. It definitely wasn't anything in the help documentation which I read so thoroughly I think I know it by heart.

      I think I had to edit the form layout to include an ID (even thought I couldn't get the Tabs to do what I need)

      I left the ID HTTP parameter field blank, and didn't rename the Parameter.

      The only issue I have left is that the edit form shows a too comprehensive edit ribbon (see screenshot) Is there a way to reduce the number of options available to just the standard?



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      It could be that the error you get is because of the ID of the list.

      I paste below from the product documentation something that it might help.

      Please give it  atry and let me know.


      ID HTTP Parameter Name

      The qListForm and several other webparts such as Microsoft List Form uses an HTTP

      Parameter called ID to identify the item to be displayed or edited. This HTTP Parameter

      is usually generated automatically by the viewer webpart, such as qListView or

      qCalendarView, when the user selects an item to be displayed or edited.

      However, there is an issue when the qListForm is placed on a webpart page that is

      contained within a document library. Due to a bug in SharePoint, the page will generate

      an error if the value of the ID HTTP Parameter is bigger than the number of pages

      within the document library. To prevent this error from happening, we need to rename

      the ID HTTP Parameter.

      By default, the value of this property is "ID". You can change the value of this property

      to something else, such as LID. In that case, when user selects "View Properties" or

      "Edit Properties" in the context menu, the URL of the display or edit form becomes:


      You need to set the same property in the qListForm to the same value as the one here.

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      I'm glad to hear that it works.

      To customize the Rich Text Editor tool bar go to ezEdit->Control Appearance->Rich Text Editor Settings and pick the toolbars that you want to display to the users.

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      Damn. It isn't working, I have two different issues. Using the List view web part I was able to get it to just show some fields and allow editing, but I can't modify the rich text editor settings because there is no control appearance option in the ezedit menu. (I changed the column type to just rich text but it didn't help.

      Now I can't actually edit all of the fields in the list, so I have created a new edit form called EditAllForm.aspx so I can use that on the page where the admin staff need access to edit all of the fields. I am back to the same old problem of the HTTP Parameter ID. I have tried all of the things I can think of, is there another place I need to define the ID?

      These are the combinations I have tried

      Header 1 Header 2 Header 3 Header 4 Header 5 Header 6 Header 7 Header 8 Header 9 Header 10 Header 11 Header 12 Header 13 Header 14 Header 15
      ID HTTP Parameter Name ID LID ID=1 ID=5 /EditAllForm.aspx?ID=1
      Edit Form URL /EditAllForm.aspx?ID /EditAllForm.aspx?LID /EditAllForm.aspx?ID=1 /EditAllForm.aspx?ID=5 /EditAllForm.aspx?ID=1

      I have tried both the full and relative URLs in each combination.

      I have also tried adding the ID field to the displayed fields and defining the ID there

      The web part is on a page that also contains a content editor web part, a summary links web part and a datasheet view of the list.

      What else can I try?


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      I have SP2010 quest web parts installed, and need some help.

      I have a list with a lot of information in it, but I need to create a way for a manager to update only three columns of the list and not see any others. Ideally, they would click the person’s name and a form with the three columns they can add data to will appear.

      it *looks* like this is what the qlistform web part is for, but i am having trouble configuring it.

      There is an existing view of the list that just shows the names for the managers to choose from, but if they click edit, they get a form with all of the columns. Can someone please tell me if this is possible?


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      Various issue that I'd suggest you to change/try:

      – to isolate the issue please use the qListForm on a clean page (no other web parts on that page)

      – try the following scenario

      a. create a page called EditPage, add a qListForm on the page, set the site url and the list name, then set the tye to EditListItem

      b. from the list view define a LinKTo attribute and make it the following: <yourUrl>EditPage.aspx?ID=<%ID%> (don't hardode any ID)

      c. open this page in a new window so you see the ID that is being passed to the qListForm

      For more details about using ID or LID please check the above reply.


      for the rich text editor customization please open ezEdit and go to Control Appearance tab then Rich Text Editor property.

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