Change content type of a calculated column

Change content type of a calculated column

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      i have an Announcement list that receives e-mails and user inputs. it has a calculated column that combines the automatic expiration date of the emails and a manual expiration date from the user input.

      so once starting looking at workflows and information management policy settings, i tried the info manag policy setting because it has a feature for the expiration dates.

      so here comes the problem. as i have read in other threads, for the “Information Management Policy Settings” my calculated column(of type date) with the expiration dates of emails and user inputs is not considered of type Date, so if i define a new policy and select the option “Expiration” in the menu dropdown only appears the date columns, and my calculated column of type date does not appear because isn’t considered Date. i don’t know why in CAML filters you can play with dates, calculated column of type date and works fine and with the “information management policy” is so #&$!!.

      so here is my question, there is a way of changing the content type of columns, i. e. my calculated colum (of type date) to a column “ONLY” type date.

      if its possible without SPD. 


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