Distorted View for Enhanced Rich Text field

Distorted View for Enhanced Rich Text field

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      We have a employee who when she edits a list item the Enhanced Rich Text field is distorted looking – all the buttons are all over the place.  It is in a qListForm that open as a Dialogue Form. 

      We have tried numerous things with her IE9 since there is only one employee with this problem. 

      • Resetting java
      • Compatibility view
      • Reset the browswer setting back to the default

      Any thoughts of other things to try?


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      Is this happening for all users or only for a specific employee?

      What's your QA and SP versions?

      Depending on your version there is a setting that allows you to control the buttons displayed on a Rich Text control.

      You can find it using ezEdit->Control Appearance tab->Rich Text Editor Toolbar Settings property

      If you see this I'd suggest you to reduce the number of the buttons on the form and see how the form renders.

      Please note that this setting is not per user but it affects all users.

      Let me know how it goes please.


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