Filter List in qListView based on value from another list.

Filter List in qListView based on value from another list.

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      Using SharePoint Server 2010 with an enterprise license.

      Here’s today’s dilema.  I have a document library that contains training manuals for 15 different (but related) processes.  When a manual is changed, the site triggers an approval workflow.  Tasks are created in the Workflow Tasks lists.

      So, each Task (in Workflow Tasks) is associated with one and only one manual.  Each manual is associated one and only one process.

      I’d like to create a view of the task list that can be filtered by process ID.  Process ID doesn’t exist in the task list but it does exist in the document library (as a lookup from the Processes list.)

      Is there anyway to link the Workflow Tasks list to the document library and filter that task list based on the value in the Processes:Process ID field?



      PS For the SQL nerds (like me) this would be something like:

      SELECT [workflow tasks].[title], [workflow task].[due date], [yadda], [yadda], [yadda]


           [workflow tasks]

           INNER JOIN [document library] ON

                [workflow tasks].[related content] = [document library].[name]


           [document library].[process:Process ID] = a value passed in from the page’s Query String

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      Hi Tom,

         What you can do is the following, use a qListView to display your Processes and make a column a LinkTo another page that has a qListView on it and filter this list based on the value selected in processes using a session paramater and the CAML filter feature.

      If you want everything on a page use a qSelector to display the proicesses and then a qListView that fileters the data based on the selection made in qSelector again using a session and CAML filter.

      To find you more about filtering please consult our documentation.

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