Filtering a Cross-Site Lookup Field in qListForm

Filtering a Cross-Site Lookup Field in qListForm

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      Having trouble trying to make a qListForm NewListItem set a cross-site lookup field’s value based on the selection of a separate cross-site lookup field on the same form.  Here’s the scenario, thanks for reading and appreciate any input.

      SharePoint 2007

      IE 7

      quest web parts version 5.4.1

      qListForm is based on a SharePoint List named Referrals.

      The Referrals list has two single-line text fields, Location and Assigned.

      Another SharePoint list in the same collection but different site contains the data needed to populate Location and Assigned.

      The Location source field is a single-line text.

      The Assigned source field is a person/group.

      I am able to configure both qListForm fields as cross-site lookups independent of each other and they behave as desired.  (sidenote: is there a way to make the qListForm field perform a groupby to eliminate duplicate values?  CAML code maybe?)

      When I try to make the qListForm Assigned field results filtered by Location, no data appears in the Assigned drop-down (Location still works ok).

      This is probably an issue where I do not understand the Parent Field, Parent Filter Field Name, and Filter Field Name setup.  Frankly the help file is hard to follow through its example.

      In any event, I’ve tried several combinations of the source data fields that I think are relevant.  For example:

      <Field Name=”Assigned” Title=”Assigned Specialist” SortOrder=”ASC” DisplayFieldName=”Assigned” SortField=”Assigned” ParentField=”Location” ParentFilterFieldName=”ID” FilterFieldName=”Assigned”>

            <List SiteUrl=http://teams.xxxxx.com/sites/toplevel/secondlevel ListName=”NameOfList” />


      Can anyone explain how to choose ParentField, ParentFilterFieldName and FilterFieldName in this kind of scenario?  Or is there something else I’m missing…



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      Got it figured out.  ParentField and ParentFilterFieldName were correct… FilterFieldName needed to be "ID" as well.


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