FIltering multiple lists based on previous list selection

FIltering multiple lists based on previous list selection

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      Hi John,

      There is no native mechanism in the qListView to send a specific row to another ListView. You can however (as you mentioned) send a particular value from the qSelector and filter a ListView that way.  As for any advanced JavaScript options I will see if anyone else on our team or the community can provide additional options.

      Setp 1:  Use ezEdit to set the connection to "send row to" one of the listViews on the page.


      Setp 2:  Select the field you want to map it to in the target listView.  This is what the target listview is filtered on.


      Step 3:  Use the qSelector to select a value to filter the ListView on. 


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      Hello everyone, I’m having trouble with figuring out the “best” way to accomplish what filtering I have.

      I have 4 ListView web-parts on my page.

      • List 1 (has a lookup column to List 2)
      • List 2 (has a lookup column to List 1 and List 3)
      • List 3 (has a lookup column to List 2)
      • List 4 (has a lookup column to List 2)

      Additionally, List 2 is filtered based off of a query string in the url.

      What I’d like to happen is as follows:

      List 1 has all content displayed, List 2/3/4 has none.

      User clicks on a row in List 1 and List 2 populates based on the query string and what items are linked to List 1.  List 4 would also populate.

      User clicks on a row in List 2 and List 3 populates.

      All the relationships are N -> N aside from the List 2 -> List 4 which is a 1 -> 1 relationship.

      I’ve tried different things such as a multiselector however that seems to be drop-down only.

      Other options I’ve considered are using jscript to populate the URL based on selections and reloading the page (although I’m not sure how I can inject the script per row right now).

      My experience in this is limited, I’ve only been working with SharePoint for a few months and Quest Webparts for a few weeks.

      Any tips/pointers would be appreciated.

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      Thanks for the response.  My issue is that manual selection of what is shown shouldn't occur, it all needs to happen magically.

      Based on your comments and a few other things I've read, I started looking at it from the perspective of why display separate lists when I could join the related lists together into one view?

      As a result I've started looking at something from http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff798514.aspx where you have an intermediatary list which links the values from list 1 to list 2.  Now I'm struggling with a way to have this list displayed or data entered into it.

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