Object Reference not found on a qlistForm

Object Reference not found on a qlistForm

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      SHarepoint 2007

      Web Part: qListForm Product Version: 5.7 (Build 2012.3.15)

      We have a list which has a qlistform on the display.

      Some items on the list display without any problems and some fail to display at all with The following error occurred: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

      If I go into edit page and then exit the edit page, without makeing any changes, the form diplays but there is no data from one of the fields until the end of the form.

      If I go back in the version history then I can see by using view from the drop down menu that the item is dispaying without any problems for quite a few iversions ( in this example 23)  and then we get the following at the end of the form

      Version: 24.0The following error occurred: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

      This error continues at the end of the form for the next 2 versions and then the on version 28 of the document the form doesn’t display at all and the above error message comes out.

      For privacy reasons I can’t display the forms with data on but any help, suggestions would be welcome. I think the firled that is causing the problem is a multi line text field set to six lines with a description of Rich Text. There are significantly more than six lines displayed ( on the working versions)

      I believe it’s this field as this is the first field that is empty when the I follow the edit and cancel edit above and an update has happened on this field.

      Are the any values, characters etc which might cause this problem?

      I’d welcome any suggestions as I’m struggling with this.



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      Hi Dave,

        Sorry for my late reply.

      I'd suggest you to try the following:

      – use ULS log file and see what SharePoint logs when the error happens (use Microsoft ULS Viewer tool from here http://archive.msdn.microsoft.com/ULSViewer)

      – see if the same list item displays ok in the ListForm OOB wp

      – try to isolate the issue to the field/value that causes the problem (ie. make the field Rich Text Editor to Plain, remove fields from the list)

      – if there is any other web part on the page delete it

      – use the Developer Tools (if you run on IE) and see if any js error happens

      – use different browsers

      Please let me know how that goes.

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