Passing URL from QPanelMenu to Page Viewer/CEWP

Passing URL from QPanelMenu to Page Viewer/CEWP

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      Christian Marin
      Christian Marin

      Good day all!

      Interesting situation here that I wanted everyone’s thoughts on.

      Let’s say we have a qPanelMenu on a Web Part Page.  The links from qPanelMenu config list could be to anything, doesn’t matter really–let’s just assume they are standard sites.

      Can anyone think of a way to pass the variable URL from qPanel to either the Page Viewer Web Part or the CEWP?  What we’d wind up with is a list of links that renders in the iFrame,

      I think this would be an interesting problem to solve, I can see many applications for this type of page.  I’ve not tried much yet, this was just a fleeting thought this morning.  Maybe JS in a CEWP to grab the URL reference as a parameter?  Or maybe define the reference to the webpart itself in the URL of the qPanel config list (not sure if this is possible)?

      Any ideas are welcome, if you have anything to add jump in.   Let’s put our heads together and see if we can do it.

      Thanks to the community!!!


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