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      Is it Possible to use system field Workspace URL within the CAML filter.

      SharePoint 2007 / QuickApps 5.7

      Would like to use a QSelector to allow the user to select a specific SharePoint site from a “Rollout “list which contains Site Name (Account) and appropriate URL. (All Sites have the same format being created from a Site Template)

      We have a c# workflow which generates Workflow Instance of a specified workflow, which occasionally loops and creates 1000’s of instances by mistake.

      I have a “aggregated” report where the Instance List is filtered by “Workflow Name”=3 (error), however I would like to add a QSelector to the report which would allow the DBA to select a specific Site to show all workflows in error (Aggregated report often times out).

      Since Workspace URL is valid a a Display / Search Name in Qlistview, but NOT available in the drop down list of fields within the CAML filter editor.

      If I edit the resultant XML and Save the modifications, the run time error is related to a field NOT being installed correctly.

      I cannot change the c# code easily to include the Site Name within the list hence the reason for attempting to use the URL fields to filter the results by.

      Hope this makes sense.


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