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      I have set up a qlistview Webpart to list the items in the same name list from several sites by using a roll up list.

      This works well. The problem I’m having is when I try and add Search criteria.

      On the drop down selections for a number of fileds in the filter, I only get the values from the first site in the list.

      So for example if each list contains a field called Project. If I’m producing an aggregated report for three sites which have values of ProjA, ProjB and ProjC repectively,

      the full list shows all three. However when I try and filter on Project the drop down list on the filter only shows ProjA and I can’t then filter on ProjB or ProjC.

      I’m not using any code – just the basic features of the webpart using ezEdit

      Any advice/suggestions welcome.


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      Hi Dave,

        Following your configuration this is what I did using QWP 5.6 and SP2010.

      – on SiteA I create 2 lists, CountriesA (Title) and ContactsA (with a lookup field to CountriesA named Country)

      – on SiteB I create 2 lists, CountriesB (Title) and ContactsB (with a lookup field to CountriesB named Country)

      – on SiteC I create 2 lists, CountriesC (Title) and ContactsC (with a lookup field to CountriesC named Country)

      – for each lists  Country(A, B and C) I added CAN and US

      In the qListView I display these 3 lists and in the search panel I can see both values CAN and US (remember they're common values to all 3 Countries lists).

      Is my configuration similar with yours?

      Also, please mention your QWP and SP version here.


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