qSelector returning all values

qSelector returning all values

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      Wendy Snyder


      I have the following situation:

      qSelector which selects all documents from ListA where POC = me

      qlistView which selects all documents from ListA

      The two web parts are connected by document number.

      This works great when I have at least one document where I am the POC. However, when there are no documents where I am the POC, the qSelector comes back empty (greyed out) and the qListView displays all documents in the document library.

      I would want it to display no document in the qListView.

      Is there a way around this?   We’ve tried everything we can think of.

      We are running SP 2013 and Quick Apps 6.9.

      Thank you,


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      Deepak Tyagi
      Deepak Tyagi

      Hi Wendy,


      Thank you for posting the query.

      We analyzed your query and we suggest that configure the “Get Filter From” connection type between qSelector and qListView web parts and then disable the “Turn off Filtering When Empty Selection Is Chosen” option from Contentà Selection screen from qSelector web part.

      This option allows you to turn filtering on or off, if Show Empty Selection is selected but this option is only valid for the “Get Filter From” connection type.

      Steps to configure the “Get Filter From” connection type between qSelector and qListView web part.

      1. Add qSelector and qListView web parts on a web part page.
      2. Configure qSelector and qListView web parts.
      3. Now edit the web part page.
      4. Click qSelector web part menu and mouse hover the connection option.
      5. Again, mouse hover on send row to option and click on qListView.
      6. Click on configure button from Choose connection web part dialog ( if Choose connection web part dialog not displayed then check the pop up blocker of IE browser )
      7. Select the provider field name and consumer field name.
      8. Click on finish.


      In case you need any further help or want to discuss the same, please feel free to log a case with our support team by drop an email to quickappsquestions@agreeya.com , so that our support team can troubleshoot your issue.



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      Wendy Snyder


      Thank you for the reply.

      That is exactly how it is set up.  The problem is, when no Document Numbers meets the selector criteria (POC = Me), all documents are displayed in the qListView.

      I will send an email to  an email to quickappsquestions@agreeya.com.

      Thank you,


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